E3 2011 Preview: Nintendo on gamrFeed

Well, folks, it’s that time of the year again—the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA is just two weeks away, and the Internet is awash with speculation about all the crazy announcements we’re sure to see. You’ve practically been drowned in rumors about touch-screen controllers, surprise appearances, and sequels galore. Luckily, Nintendo will be there to warm you up the old-fashioned way—with a trip to the Cafe.

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MisterPickles22458d ago

Dear god... do I really have to wait another whole eleven days???

I'd LOVE to see a new Smash Bros and Four Swords.

Anarki2458d ago

That system looks more like a cheap router...

BeardyKaiji2458d ago

If they show another Smash Bros, I'll have my pre-order button ready.

swirldude2458d ago

I will laugh if Project Cafe really does look like the photoshopped Windows 7 box shown in the picture.

LoaMcLoa2458d ago

Looks more like an external harddrive to me.

And who cares about the looks? The first PS3-model looked like a grill for crying out loud.

news4geeks2458d ago

I always hoped that I could cook some bacon under that lid. So much for only doing everything sony.

chanmasta2458d ago

Then you might find this amusing :P

Duke_Silver2458d ago

this year will be interesting!

CNXN2458d ago

looks like a curved wii disc drive facing the floor....

felonycarclub2458d ago

i cant wait to see this system and the games, i hope nintendo does a good job because they lost me at the gamecube they didnt have enough games, nintendo 64 was the last nintendo system i really supported, then i jumped to sony and never looked back but hoping one day that they make a good system so i can play some nintendo games again