E3 2011 - The Big Game List

MMGN writes: The Call of Duty juggernaut continues to roll on. Although yet to be officially announced, retailers have already begun taking pre-orders in anticipation of Modern Warfare 3's inevitable November 2011 release window. The first two Modern Warfare's made Activision a lot of money, and with three developers now sharing the duties -- Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Raven -- we should expect an explosive, action-packed threequel that stays true to the Modern Warfare brand. It won't be without its fair share of competition though, as the hyped Battlefield 3 attempts to topple the seemingly indestructible Call of Duty series from atop the FPS genre.

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BrianG2609d ago

Yet to be announced MW3?

Living under a rock? or a collection of pebbles and stones?

Gaetano2609d ago

The article linking to that was written pre-MW3 announcement.

BrianG2608d ago

Fair enough, but I feel news should be up to date when submitted to the site. Which is why I made the comment.