FTG Random Assault, Ep.007

"As we wipe our feet on the welcome mat of Front Towards Gamer, we kick things off with a James Bond themed podcast."- Bloody Shadow

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TheStonedSheep2654d ago

Ohh, a new podcast, I don't think that I can fit anymore in my rotation.

maxcavsm2654d ago

Jesus, you guys do all original artwork for every episode. Very nice! Who does the drawings?

Bloodyshadow2653d ago

Hi! I'm Alex "Bloody Shadow" Cabral! I do all the artwork. Thank you for the semi-compliment. I hope you enjoy all the crap that is to come.

Imp0ssibl32654d ago

A fantastic podcast, highly recommended!

Bloodyshadow2653d ago

Boy! These fellers sure are swell, by golly!!!