Homefront Review [The Play Vault]

Good Points

> Great multiplayer-

> Good Attention to detail-

> Campaign has some very action packed moments.

Bad Points

> Very short campaign-

> The campaign feels familiar-

> Lack of variety with weapons in multiplayer.

The Play Vault picked up this game on the day of release and has been very pleased with the purchase ever since. Ignore the reviews and the critics, Homefront is a very good game and can be enjoyed by any type of gamer, be it hardcore or people just looking for a little fun.

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Bathyj2752d ago

The SP campaign sucks balls. I guess thats why he brushed over it with a paragraph. I wrote more about it in one thread. Theres literally a dozen things that really hurt this game.

A shame, because I really wanted to like it given its premise, but it feels like so much wasted potential.

Jonmau52752d ago

The single player is short but i do think it has some moments that are pretty cool. I can't really mention them on N4G here because of spoilers but there are some really good set peices.

Theres not really much to say about the single player though because it is so short copared to most other games.