GamerMade - PAX Report: The Avenger Adaptor

GamerMade: At PAX we got to check out a new controller accessory crafted by N-Control. This new gadget may be the craziest controller-related device in video games today.

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CommonCent2650d ago

This thing is ridiculous. Wonder how much this will cost lol.

KingDustero2650d ago

You would know if you watched the video.:P

Anyways it looks pretty good, but it won't help me much. I can already "run, dive and turn" in one motion in Black Ops without removing my fingers from the triggers.

This attachment won't give that much advantage to the user and will only really help those who aren't good at the game to begin with. People who are good are able to move fast enough and react fast enough to make this thing useless.

I myself would also much rather buy a new game or the Razor Onza for about the same price of this. Fifty dollars is just way too much for an attachment that won't help skilled players that much at all.

Led-Zeppelin2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

He says it costs $40 bucks.

CommonCent2650d ago

Wow they better have good luck on their side to sell $2 worth a materials for $40.