Buzz PS3: What went wrong?

EuroGamer: For Relentless Software, the book has all but closed on Buzz! - a quiz series voiced by Jason Donovan and recognised by its bespoke four-button controllers. What Sony poured champagne over during the glory days of PS2 simply failed to bubble on PS3

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NotSoSilentBob2701d ago

Buzz failed because they didn't innovate. IT was the same game with a few minor additions each release ie same as Madden.

zootang2701d ago

That and I could be had on the PS2 for cheaper.

nickjkl2700d ago

i play buzz on ps home

but it seems like they stopped uploading new quizzes to it since the only thing i see now are repeats

HolyOrangeCows2700d ago

Hmmmm.....oh boy, this is a brain teaser...hmmm, maybe because they released SO FREAKING MANY of them without doing anything interesting?

EVO-OM3GA2701d ago

I didn't fail there just wasn't enough put into the series when I worked for a game retailer there were plenty of people asking for Buzz on the PS3 but we either didn't have it in stock or it wasn't released.

I think buzz is a fun game I played it on ps2

Corrwin2701d ago

I like Buzz.

But it should have been a one off buy for the game and buzzers, then a steady stream of question packs in online DLC.

I think they just released Buzz on PS3 and expected everybody to be happy with exatly the same thing we had on PS2.

Even Singstar had to evolve (actual music videos in the backgrounds, singstore, more artists, different singing modes) for PS3 for people to justify the "upgrade".

Redempteur2701d ago

Buzz was fun but i don't think the hunger for MORE quizz was that intense

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The story is too old to be commented.