The best PS3 Christmas games the whole family can play

Split screen, party multiplayer, co-op – these are some of the best games to get the family involved with this Christmas. From the quiz-tastic Buzz, joyous LittleBigPlanet, the slightly more confrontation PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royle and more. All in?

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iamnsuperman1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Singstar and Singstar dance. Best communal fun I have had gaming. I admit a lot of alcohol was involved but still a lot of fun

Snookies121855d ago

Alcohol and Rockband is a good combo too... Lol

360ICE1855d ago

Alchohol and Rock Band/Guitar Hero is impossible. But you don't realize that until afterwards.

imXify1855d ago

I loled on this one, not in a bad way

WeAreLegion1855d ago

Buzz is probably the most fun I've had gaming with my family. My parents don't really like video games, so it's nice to see them playing with PS3 controllers. Lol. The same goes for Wonderbook. My mom loves Harry Potter, so she really enjoyed that. Totally underrated game, btw.

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