Sony’s next-generation PSP2 could be modified to run Windows 8

According to, the Arm processor used in the PSP2 is compatible with an early build of Windows 8 which Microsoft demonstrated at CES 2011.

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a_bro2731d ago

dont give hackers ideas....

Wenis2731d ago

Don't worry, Sony will include it as an advertised feature then turn around and take it away from you, like stealing candy from a baby

ct032731d ago

And N4G will support the decision.

Pandamobile2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

This thing will be hacked fast, and hard.

Calling this now.

All handhelds suffer from this.

Fishy Fingers2731d ago

I hope so (not for the piracy, no need to rage), but having basically a tablet PC would help justify buying it. Not much of a mobile gamer anymore.

mantisimo2731d ago

"Sony’s next-generation PSP2 could be modified to run Windows 8"

Yeah and it *COULD* be trained to predict volcano's or cook gumbo.

trounbyfire2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

well it is a powerful as a pc processor

Ryudo2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

If by that you mean an Intel Atom (Possibly dual) core found in Notebooks then yeah maybe.

If you mean anything i3 or above it's no where near. Not to mention Windows 8 would run horribly on 512mb of RAM it doesn't even run that well on 1024.

About the best OS for a PSP2 would have to be android as it's made for low resource environments.

trounbyfire2731d ago

it is a quad core and its 1.5 ghz but could if optimized for processing power do 2 ghz
the optimization sony is using is for power saving

Ryudo2731d ago

Actually it does have 4 processors as far as I can gather, but Sony released a statement themselves saying that there combined power would be around 2ghz.

With the average PC processor clocking around 5ghz (both cores) nowa days then it's not nearly as fast as a PC processor.

My processor is capable of a possible 12ghz if all 4 cores where used to there full potential which will most likely never happen.

El_Colombiano2731d ago

"My processor is capable of a possible 12ghz if all 4 cores where used to there full potential which will most likely never happen."

And there goes any and all credability you could have possessed. You do not add Ghz per core. That shows how much you know.


RyuCloudStrife2731d ago

so i have a 2.20 ghz laptop dualcore.. so basically i rly have 4.40 ghz? thats what your trying to say?

Ryudo2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

IF you used a folding program which can use all your cores to there full potential almost because each core handles a different process then yes.

But as most applications aren't multi threaded then no, it depends entirely on how well the software is programmed.

I think you both have problems understanding the word potential, because nothing I said was wrong I can't help if it your to retarded to understand English.

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Otheros002731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

It should be able to run android since the cpu is an arm chip.
Edit: Forgot to add It should be able to run ios as well. It runs on arm, has a touch screen, speaker, microphone, and cameras like the ipod touch.
Ipod touch and ipad run on ios if you didn't know.

2731d ago
Raendom2731d ago

I was wondering if Sony would be able to actually advertise this as a feature?

Would MS c**kblock them or would MS be like hells yeah?

I know MS do work with Sony with the whole Vaio and desktop PCs but just wondered if they'd be allowed to do it if it wasn't included on the device?

duplissi2731d ago

it wouldnt be much different to microsoft than this..

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