STN: Hands on with PS Vita and its games

STN Writes:

Now that Sony has officially announced the new name of the NGP to be “Vita”, we decided that it was time to get some hands-on time with the powerful handheld device. After waiting in line for two hours, We finally got to the demo stations and were told that we would have four minute demos with five different games.

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Close_Second2746d ago

Terrible name. Having owned a PSP since 2006 I can honestly say the Vita does not appeal. I know it should but I really hate the form factor and lack of built in storage. I hated having to buy memory cards from the get go for the PSP and doing it all over again plain sucks.

GoldPS32746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Let's see you make your own handheld then. Give it a better name and better features. Let me know when you done making it.

Close_Second2746d ago

So your saying because I'm just a consumer I dont have a valid opinion? are Sony giving this away for free or do they need to convince me my money is worth it?

By the way, PSP2 is a better name.

gta28002746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I'm glad I still have my PSP and I'm glad I can still use the same memory cards. Memory sticks are pretty cheap now compared to when PSP first came out. You can literally buy like a 8GB for 20 bucks. And I don't care about the name. That's the last thing that's gonna be on my mind when this sexy beast is in my hands.

By the way, has it been confirmed that there will be no built in storage? It would be great if they provided a couple of gigs. Nothing major but enough to hold a lot of save data. Then just make the MS optional for those who will want to buy downloadable titles.

SilentNegotiator2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Quit complaining about the name. No one blinks twice at the name "Wii" anymore.
It's just a name.

The built-in storage was obviously going to be a price barrier (make it more expensive than 3DS), so they removed it. You can easily fix this by buying a 16GB memory card (The amount that was planned to be in the NGP).....problem solved. And if 16GB isn't enough for you, then there's nothing to complain about; it wouldn't have met you needs anyway.

Close_Second2745d ago

So, NGP + 16GB memory card will cost what? you all know it will be months after the release of the Vita before 16GB memory cards will be affordable.

Gee, I hope the next iPod comes with no built in memory.

gta28002745d ago

16GB memory stick for less than a PS3/360 game. Not too bad, I'll be using the 8GB I have on my old PSP but if I ever need more space I'll upgrade to this and by then I'm sure it will be cheaper than 50.

Close_Second2745d ago

You do realise the Vita uses a new type of memory card and not a pro-due or mini/micro SD.

VampiricDragon2746d ago

In the US yes. Much more expensive in japan and europe

with games likely at 60 dollars.

Quagmire2746d ago

Only Americans would disagree, they dont believe the rest of the world.

Mnemonic-DK2746d ago

What I don't get is why Sony continues to screw over their EU customers?

Late releases, downgraded hardware, more expensive consoles - all this to their most loyal customer base. WTF?

And now PSVita will be using Valve's infamous 1$=1€ pricing? 249$~1269DKK and 249€~1856DKK - aka the 33% "EU tax"! :(

F that - I'll just do what I started doing with Valve - Stop buying until the price is lowered.

Sony make it very hard to continue to support them. PPL are getting very tired of being screwed over by them again and again.

SilentNegotiator2745d ago

WAHT?? Things being more expensive in the EU and Japan? I'm stunned!

What the hell were you expecting?

MasterCornholio2746d ago

games will probably be worth the same as 3DS ones. I read in an article somewhere (tried to find it but cant) that the development costs for the Vita is the same as the PSP. What i do know is that the Vita in europe will cost the same as the 3DS which is priced at 250 euros here. Dont fight it fanboys the NGP and the 3DS cost the same unless Nintendo drops the price before the Vitas release which might happen.

Regardless on which one you choose both are quality handhelds and in the end its down to the games that you like.

VampiricDragon2746d ago

i read that ngp games will be 60

AceofStaves2746d ago

I can't wait to get the PS Vita. The name is fine. After all, we're gaming in a generation where the dominant home console is called 'Wii.'

Sugreev20012746d ago

The name is just fine.I remember when people made fun of Playstation when it came out,and the hatred for Nintendo on naming it's console Wii is not old news.