Overlord Patch Released; Bugs Fixed

The game unfortunately suffered from a number of bugs including a significant fault at the Brewery level that halted many gamers in their tracks. Rather than go back and repeat the adventure (taking steps to avoid the bug) many just opted to wait until the patch was released.

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Excalibur3903d ago

I finished the game, twice as a matter of fact without running into any of those bugs.
Kinda curious to see what the new cut scene is.
Great game BTW if you haven't played it.

Crazy Larry3903d ago

Now all we need is a patch to fix the glitches in Two Worlds. That is another great game, it just needs more work.

FCOLitsjustagame3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I played it twice as well and had no glitches other then stuttering cut scenes. It was a great game.

Oh I did get the "Mistress requests presence in the bedroom Gnarl" one and I am glad they added the you quit the other person still wins feature in multiplayer.