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Kaiju Video Games: Big Creatures in a Small City - The Best Examples of a Niche Genre

258d ago - With Pacific Rim bringing the concept of Kaiju to the masses Ruaidhri looks back at some of the b... | GameCube

Seven PC games we want on Xbox One

276d ago - OXM UK: "Are there any other PC success stories that deserve a place on console - perhaps even a... | PC

4 Ludicrously Ambitious Games (That Didn’t Deliver Their Promises)

428d ago - Ramp writes: You can play Black Ops II – a game as widely scorned as it is played – and have a gr... | PS2

The not-so-Black-and-White world of intelligence

470d ago - Writer Andy Astruc posits that Black & White has the best AI in gaming. He writes: "I am a god. W... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 291: Monster Poop

486d ago - This week it’s Jordan Lund’s turn to be absent, while Jonah Falcon and Paul Nowak discuss just ho... | PC

8 Monochrome Games That Make It Cool To Be A Panda

572d ago - Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's fourth expansion, made everybody in geekdom panda-crazy. W... | PC

The Inevitable in the Good: Evil in Videogames

655d ago - Katy Goodman writes about how it's hard to be evil in games these days, even when she wants to be. | PC

Missing In Action: Black and White 3

713d ago - "With the departure of Peter Molyneux from Lionhead Studios, and the fact that Black and White 2... | PC

You Are Not a Bad Person (Probably)

724d ago - GamingLives writer Ric reflects on how, after years of playing through games as the epitome of al... | PC

Primecast Episode 8, “Street Fighter X Tekken X The World”

767d ago - Things are a little different today as the podcast is appearing in the midday as opposed to the m... | PC

Peter Molyneux's career in pictures - 'Theme Park', 'Fable', more

774d ago - DigitalSpy: Earlier today Peter Molyneux announced he will leave Lionhead Studios and Microsoft... | Industry

Black & White: Peter Molyneux Shares Misgivings about His Previous Work

785d ago - GameBandits: "Self-criticism is a gift. Not everyone can do it. Even those that can bring themsel... | PC

Ten Games That Have Mind Boggling AI

931d ago - GB: Most of the popular games today focus on multiplayer, with online FPS and party games soaring... | PC

The Vault – Top 5 Games I Just Couldn’t Love

982d ago - "This isn’t just an excuse to callously pick holes in towering achievements in gaming, it is a ba... | PS2

I want to be God

983d ago - The Reticule writes: From Dust, Eric Chahi’s return to game design has seen the revival of the so... | PC

Insane penis rage knife threat for 'rubbish' drug-free Peter Molyneux. (Allegedly).

1318d ago - We know what you're thinking. Typical CVG, tabloid muppets. Why can't they just write a straight... | Xbox

Molyneux: Black & White weather idea was 'stupid'

1371d ago - However, Molyneux has now spoken over his regret at making the claim, admitting he "jumped the sh... | PC

Five games you'd like to see on Kinect but never will

1391d ago - Lionhead boss Peter Molyneaux has, not suprisingly announced his interest in bringing original PC... | Xbox 360

Molyneux says Black & White with Kinect would be "super cool"

1395d ago - Poking at and flicking animals with a PC mouse? Old school. In the future, why not just use your... | PC

OXCGN's Gaming And E3′s Celebrities – No Such Thing As A Game Celebrity?

1417d ago - OXCGN: "We all know game development is one of the most overlooked creative industries. While... | Dev

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Ten Games we would like to be announced at E3 2010

1445d ago - OXCGN: "There are strong arguments for wanting more original games (new IPs), but when you’ve... | Xbox 360

Best Real Time Stratergy Games

1547d ago - Definitely one of the harder charts to agree on. There have been so many RTS games since the dawn... | 12

Molyneux: Fable Was 'Over-Hyped'

1593d ago - NowGamer: Peter Molyneux, creative director at Microsoft Game Studio has looked back at his caree... | 2,12,13

Top 50 Strategy Games of All Time

1896d ago - Locke Webster has compiled a list of the top 50 strategy games of all time for Titles in... | 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12

Black & White 2: Mac version (finally) arrives on January 6th.

1945d ago - Feral Interactive has announced Tuesday, January 6th as the worldwide release date for the much-a... | 12
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