Why Morrowind is Better Than Oblivion

With the announcement of The Elder Scrolls V and some gentle prodding from a certain Jeff Grubb, I decided now was a good time to put down in words something I've felt strongly about for a number of years. To be clear, I played Oblivion for just shy of 100 hours, starting on the day it came out. I had been frothing at the mouth to get my hands on it, since Morrowind was, and still remains, my favorite game of all time. I enjoyed Oblivion at the time, but my memory of it has since soured. I can't say the same for Morrowind; here's why:

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lugia 40002921d ago

"I Will Not Play The Elder Scrolls V". I don´t care.

RogueCheddar2921d ago

That's not the whole article obviously

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kancerkid2919d ago Show
I_find_it_funny2919d ago

Of course Morrowind is better, everybody knows that

tacosRcool2919d ago

So I have heard that Morrowind is a better game than Oblivion in many ways. But I want to see some of the innovation from Morrowind in Elder Scrolls V. Who knows, that might happen since many people complained about Oblivion

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JsonHenry2919d ago

TES: DaggerFall was the best of the series. Biggest open world EVER. Doing things like flying, climbing walls, and turning into things like werewolves and wereboards was just awesome at the time. :)

Jacobite2916d ago

"I Will Not Play The Elder Scrolls V". I don´t care. So why comment ?

RogueCheddar2921d ago

Anyone who reports this as "lame" is obviously missing the point. This is an article about past Elder Scrolls games and why they don't bode well for the next one. Grow up.

palaeomerus2919d ago

Okay. I must have missed the point then because it comes off as both shrill and lame.

Grow up yourself.

Danniel12919d ago

Its unbelieveably condescending to say anyone who does'nt approve of your article needs to "grow up". The reason some people are taking issue with what you've written is because many of us (myself included) have same type of great memories about Oblivion as you do about Morrowind. On top of that you are openly stating that you wont buy the next game without knowing anything about it apart from the setting.

You are a writer when you submit something to a public forum don't attack people for not liking what you write, criticism is part of writing.

life doomer2921d ago

morrowind is better than oblivion because it has more variaty

RogueCheddar2921d ago

Yeah, that's one of the many reasons. (ps. please approve?)

RedDead2919d ago

I agree with your article mostly, if you change your title I will be happy, I mean come on, what if Skyrm is a cross over of Morrorwind and Oblivion?

I have morrowind and i've had it for a long time, but I just can't get into it from the start. This article has given me a bit of incentive to play it.

They are the things I don't like about Oblivion, the exploration is just sort of the same thing over and over. And the leveling system is terrible, there's mods out to change that though(the leveling system and game world level up). But don't right off SKyrim yet, atleast wait for the game informer news. Biut there are things I also love about Oblivion, the battle system for one, Oblivion isn't bad, it's a great game. It just caught the next gen Rpg flu.

Next gen rpg flu= the first outing of any sequel on a next gen console will not be as good as the previous installment.

RogueCheddar2917d ago

Fair enough, title changed. I was always planning on waiting for the reviews anyway.

SpadedAgent0072919d ago

I think Oblivion is better. Just my opinion of course. Morrowind is def a good game though I give ya that but I dont think Oblivion was a terrible game at all.

palaeomerus2919d ago

Oblivion improved the actual combat (not the skills related to combat and weapons) and the new tomb dungeons were fantastic. it did have less variety in designs. But so what? Buy Shivering Isles and you can have a lot of your crazy tree-fort buildings back.

Morrowind was awesome and so was its add ons, but that does not mean that Oblivion sucked. Far from it. The physics that made stuff bounce around and roll down hill was good. Sure, I miss the airwalk and jump spells. But there was a lot to like about Oblivion including the oblivion gates which I learned to speed run.

Kamikaze82919d ago

Wow, nice article up until the end where he just says that he wont be playing Skyrim. How can you judge a game that isnt out yet? Wait until the reviews if you're pessimistic, but dont rule it entirely out.

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