Controller lost? Get the Game Controller Rack

So your wireless controllers keep getting lost? Your kids run off with them and they never return?

If you learn them the trick to get those in the rack and you give them a candy everytime they do it right, it won't cost you 45 Dollars/Euro for a wireless 360 controller every time they leave it everywhere at place you only find them back a couple of years later...

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TheMART4114d ago

Oh Round Peg please... Dude are you a that hard PS fanboy to shoot down other posts from an xbox website or what?

On XBK that article is made, to show that there are ways to stack the controllers on a nice way. Nothing is advertised here. XBK doesn't own the other website, nor have shares in it.

Said in short: your reports stink dude. So many times I see PS3's for special price offers coming by that get approved by Sony fangirls, this is an article written about this product and people that see it MIGHT want to buy it.

Jees. Really. Don't you get tired of your own reports??? Anyone else, keep approving.

stunt2134114d ago

Wtf? that is the most retarded game accesories ever, 20$ for a controller rack. seriously no one need to buy this.

Douchebaggery4114d ago

the peg is as big of a x360 fanboy as you are Mart

Mr PS34114d ago

There are 2 type's of news the Skidmart post's
1 Any negitive news about the PS3
2 Any Garbage like this post
Just another thought i wonder if this rack overheats and expoldes if you rest your crappy controller on it for longer than an hour

sovietsoldier4114d ago

question?--->HOW THE F*CK DO YOU LOSE A CONTROLLER? "oh man i can't find my game contoller" hey dude did you look in your pockets?,under the couch pillow?,in your backpack?, UP YOUR F*CKEN ASS CAUSE HOW DO YOU LOSE A GODDAM XBOX CONTROLLER? ITS NOT LIKE CAR KEYS OR THE REMOTE FOR THE TV ITS THE F*CKEN XBOX360 CONTROLLER!

Bowzabub4114d ago

I do believe this would be an interesting blend of Mart, you pay kids off with candy??? I kinda ever heard the song Dre Day? "Put down the candy and let the little boy go" Flamer for

MFCrow4047d ago

Let me start with this for full disclosure.
My name is Randall Cole and I am the owner of ArmoryTech. I would like to address some of the issues here.
1) We have nothing to do with anything posted her. We have not planted or seeded this in any way. But we are happy that you guys have looked at our product.
2) Unnecessary accessory – We did not make the armory for everyone. In fact I made one for myself and all my gamer friends wanted one. I really liked mine and I wanted to do something for the gamming community.
3) This product was made to hold PlayStation controllers as well as XBOX controllers. I play both.
4) Price is high – If you are sweatin’ 20 bucks don’t buy one. This is our only product, you would be shocked how much R&D, Patenting, packaging, shipping, storage, marketing and production cost. With that said I hired the best of everything to make the best possible product, I developed the basic product, but I hired the same team that makes Star Wars toys to design it for production. When you hold/assemble it you can tell it is a quality product.
5) I had nothing to do with the “lost controller” thing. I made it to get my controllers off the floor because my wife was pissed. (Side note, I did step on one of my controllers once)
Replies are welcome

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Crazyglues4114d ago

As many times as I lose my Xbox 360 controllers, this would come in so handy, not to mention look cool as hell in my gaming room.

Me likes.

reaferfore204114d ago

Not really worth the money though. You'd be better of making one or putting your controllers in a drawer or something.

heroman7114114d ago

u dont need to buy this, all i do is put all my gaming stuff ( headset, controllers, games, usb cables, etc. ) at a certain place so u will nvr lose it

Crazyglues4114d ago

I thought this was like 5.99 or 10.99 at the most... but 19.99 plus 4.50 shipping.. they must be joking, for a wall mount. U can't be serious.

I thought it was a cool idea but it's priced all wrong.

monkey6024114d ago

I tend to leave my controllers in the same place when I finish with them so I have never lost one, But I can see how this will benefit some

Mikey_Gee4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

.. nothing worse than misplacing a controller. Would for sure save me money. Actually, let me think how much money I would have saved by having this over the past 34 years.

Ok, I will start back with my first consoles (Atari 2600, INTELLIVISION and Colleco Vision ) and try and remember how many paddles/controllers I have lost right up to today .............. hmmmmmmmmm ..... OK, here we go.


So Zero x $50 (average price of controller) = zer .... oh, hang on ....

Oh well, maybe not so awsome of a deal FOR ME I guess.

Barreldragon004114d ago

i don't think this is that big of a problem for ps3 controllers because if your not using it its most likely hooked up to the ps3 charging it.

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