PSN Director Wants HBO Quality Programming

The lines are starting to blur between IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) based offerings and those available on traditional mediums such as satellite and cable. Never before have consumers had so many choices about not only what they want to watch, but how they choose to view it. Susan Panico, PlayStation Network director, understands just how quickly that landscape is changing. If her vision comes true, tuning in to the PS3 for original programming like Carnivale or Six Feet Under isn’t too far off.

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supremacy2811d ago

is cross game chat, never mind any of that.

Raoh2811d ago


cross game chat is over ratted..

i was just talking to a friend of mine on ps3.. in game..

why would be talk outside of a game when we are playing a multiplayer online game..

not that it wouldnt be a welcomed feature, and i hope it comes soon so it can be a dead topic

but screw xchat.. if i'm hosting a game i hope they allow disabling xchat from some games.. i see people running around doing their own thing cause they are party chatting on the 360 instead of talking to their team mates..

nix2811d ago

i would go for in-game music too...

DarkEdson2808d ago

i have been saying they should do streaming content channels on the ps3 with all the content sony owns. music, movies, television sony could become bigger than time warner or direct tv. so whats on the playstation network tonight?