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Vanquish is as lean as they come. From its first motion-blurred boost to the last thumping impact, it’s an adventure that rarely drops pace and doesn’t bother with sidestreets. The hero, Sam Gideon, is Nathan Drake in futuristic armour, a smartass full of quips and testosterone. But he’s not the star: that honour belongs to his pristine white suit.

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Christopher2855d ago

There was another guy who posted a screenshot showing he beat the game in a few minutes less than 4 hours. This might be a case of truly hardcore gamer who might have played the game multiple times versus your typical gamer.

At least this really makes you think about Jim Sterling's review of the game.

lightningsax2855d ago

Thanks, CG, but I'd rather not think about Jim Sterling's reviews at all!

Actually, this is a pretty nice review. I think it sums up what's awesome about it without gushing, while noting its shortcomings without raging.

Christopher2855d ago

Hehe, good point lightningsax :p

DigitalAnalog2854d ago

From what I've heard. The total game time does not tally up with all the deaths and checkpoints you've re-spawned. Going by that logic, Uncharted 2 would only be 5 hours long considering if you count the time straight without the deaths and the replayed checkpoints. I believe this was Shniji's design flaw by adding that Time total to the game. I would really REALLY liked to see GI total time through the PS3's memory manager because it does show the TOTAL time you've played the game.

-End statement

joydestroy2855d ago

i think if you've been looking forward to this game then you should get it regardless of the length. it plays really well.

Christopher2855d ago

Agreed. I unfortunately have made my usual October choices and Vanquish, though a game I have interest in, didn't make the cut. Will get it in a few months when I have time after finishing the games from this month.

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JakeyBaby2855d ago

Quickly becoming my favourite games Magazine. Not really because of reviews, but all the fluff they have surrounding the industry is great, and it makes my brain larger :3

AEtherbane2855d ago

Dont matter if they give a game a 1/10 or a 10/10. I dont trust anything they say.

thief2855d ago

This is probably the Vanquish 360 review. The PS3 version got a 5 for being repetitive, doesnt bring anything new or innovative and poor storyline.

mint royale2855d ago

Version tested: PS3

But hey, why let facts and actually bothering to read the information get in the way of a good anti edge rant.


perfectCarbonara2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

haha, lol.

Lighten up Mint Royale, Jeez...

artsaber2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I believe the TRUE game finish time belongs to those who play a game normally. One that complete objectives, do some minor exploration looking for a few secrets, etc., and takes time to defeat the enemies of a stage instead of running past them. I am not interested on how FAST someone can run through a game. Speed runs =/= true/average game completion time.

Is 25:29 the completion time for the Legend of Zelda? Hell no, but it can be done.

I may have to check out Vanquish

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