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Hey everyone! Tuesday means Lexi’s list time! Let’s do it!

I am a huge fan of any kind of customizable, multi-use, interesting-looking furniture. This is what drew me to the “Collapse” shelf line, designed by Evan Gurgui.

Part shelf and part coffee table, it is a cool way to showcase books, magazines, even your favorite coffee cup! Click the link to see more on the Behance Network.

Perfect for your next party, these pink elephant drink markers will have your guests thinking that they may have drank just a bit too much.

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Davedough2919d ago

I enjoy reading this everytime she posts one.

bgrundman2919d ago

She always has interestingly awesome stuff every single week.

roblef2919d ago

I seriously want that coffee table thing

starven2919d ago

I second wanting that coffee table!