The sickest screenshots ever?

Fresh Jericho shots turn GamesRadar stomachs: Clive Barker is well known as a purveyor of the unpleasant (some of his more gruesome nasties were created from reanimated afterbirths) and so GamesRadar were not surprised that Jericho is turning out to be home to hellishly disturbing images. Like this glistening batch of new, gut-churning shots...

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boi4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

damn freaky lol

But I won't be getting this...not a fan of a 1 player horror theme game unless its co-op lol...maybe play few minutes of it with someone in the room thats about it...same with F.E.A.R, DOOM3, Res Evil ect...

They should make this co-op :(

EDIT: 4 player co-op??? is it true any1??

EDIT 2: *MACHone* ermm so you can switch between, but I was hoping for co-op...when I first heard this and it got me excited, so the Final game no co-op plays?

EDIT 3: hehe anyways well I guess I might get this when it comes out since you get the squad with you, but a co-op with a friend or family would be a must buy for me :)

(I love games which with the horror theme but with a mate playing along with you...example *OBSCURE* love it)

NRG4056d ago

I thought four player co-op was the highlight of this game?

MACHone4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I haven't done quite that much research, but I know the gimmick of the game is that you play as a squad of four warriors who you can switch between on the fly due to the fact that the player's character is killed at the beginning of the game and you "possess" your teammates. Reminiscent of Geist for the GCN. Now, whether the game will feature true co-op play, I'm uncertain of, but the game mechanics lend to the idea that it wouldn't be that farfetched.

Antan4056d ago

Theres no multiplayer in Jericho.

MACHone4056d ago

Could be. One thing's for sure: this game is shaping up to be gruesome.

I like.

Parents won't.

Vip3r4056d ago

This is on my 'maybe' list. I'll need to wait for more reviews first.

snittolo4056d ago

Looks interesting if you travel as a team for part of the game. Or having co-op will make for an interesting twist on the gameplay.

Bazookajoe_834056d ago

I realy like the look of this game, but i hate squad games were you play diffrent character. In my oppinion they should have done it so you play one character and be able to play co-op splitscreen and online. Looks fantastic thou.

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The story is too old to be commented.