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NowGamer review's Klei Entertainment's Shank on Xbox 360 - "We’ve always believed Live Marketplace would become a rather special place, and some of its recent offerings actually put many full disc titles you buy in the shops to shame."

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kasasensei3001d ago

Too many links from nowgamer these days, looks like SPAM to me.

MisterNiwa3001d ago

It would be spam if they would write senseless shit.

But all their articles are legit and I rather like NowGamer than many other websites that post their news here.

I say NowGamer can post 10 articles a hour and I wouldn't mind.
They always show variety, even in their Top 10 Ratings which are most times pretty funny.

Akagi3001d ago

You sound like you write for NowGamer.

I thought this game was a 7.

get2sammyb3001d ago

Really? 9.1? Hmm. Ok. I personally didn't think it was that good.

3001d ago