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Humble Weekly Platforming Bundle Launches

256d ago - This week's Humble Weekly Bundle looks like a must-buy. You can pay what you want for Shank 2, Bl... | PC

Get Shanked: New Humble Weekly Sale

578d ago - The newest Humble Weekly Sale just went live and it currently features three games from Klei Ente... | PC

We scavenge our way through hands-on time with Don't Starve

794d ago - You may have heard of Klei Entertainment. They’re the fine folks who are responsible for the stea... | PC

It's Aboot Time For the Canadian Indie Bundle

825d ago - Well, look what showed up on Steam today as a Midweek Madness sale: The Canadian Indie Bundle! | PC

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Sometimes An Art Style Makes All the Difference

859d ago - | Since gaming’s humble beginnings, we’ve seen innumerable innovations in game deve... | PC

Best Gun-Toting Bad Ass Games

866d ago - Because bad-asses deserve their own category! | Xbox 360

Klei Entertainment Giving Away Two Signed Shank Statues

908d ago - "Klei Entertainment, the developers behind the popular Shank franchise is giving away two limited... | PC

40% off 18 Hot Titles at Origin this Week Only

945d ago - Head over to Origin for their anniversary celebration to save 40% off 18 great titles this week o... | PC

Steam's new EA Indie Bundle is full of awesome and is 70% off

1000d ago - "A new Indie Bundle just popped up on Steam called the EA Indie Bundle and it is full of awesome!... | PC

Eat Chainsaw Mother - Oops | Bagogames' Shank 2 Review

1015d ago - Bagogames: In hindsight there are days I question the wisdom behind my £34.99 yearly subscription... | PC

Klei Founder "Embarrassed" About Original Shank: "I Cringe"

1056d ago - talked with Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Cheng about their experience and influe... | PC

Lazygamer TV Readers Choice Edition - Ten more DLC games to play

1069d ago - - It seems that ten games were not enough for our readers last week, so this time,... | Xbox 360

A Rant On Bosses: Final Fantasy & Shank

1083d ago - Default Prime writer Kyree Leary has recently been thinking about bosses in video games. Specific... | Xbox 360

PlayStation Store January Sale

1111d ago - EU PS Blog: Welcome to 2012! With Christmas having near emptied many a wallet there couldn’t be... | PS3

Shank Review | Trendy Gamers

1143d ago - Trendy Gamers: The first thing anyone tends to notice about Shank is just how good the game looks... | PC

Shank – Why Rape?

1189d ago - The Average Gamer talked to Shank's creative director Jeff Agala about the decisions behind the s... | PC

The Catch-Up (In Reverse) – 4 Games I Won’t Be Going Back To

1300d ago - In this week's edition of The Catch-Up, Kyree discusses several games that he can't bring himself... | PC

The Catch-Up: 6 Games YOU Should Play

1315d ago - Default Prime writer Kyree Leary turns the tables in this week's iteration of his column, The Cat... | PC

Brawler Week: XBLAFans Writers Choose Their Favorites

1392d ago - writers choose their favorite brawlers. | Arcade

Gamasutra Interview: Klei's Jamie Cheng On Shank's Success, Standing Out As An Indie

1405d ago - The Vancouver-based Klei Entertainment made its name with downloadable titles including Eets: Cho... | PC

WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

Now - Ryan steps back into the ring for the first next-gen WWE game. | Promoted post

Preorder Bulletstorm, get Shank for free

1449d ago - From the 7th Feb through until launch of the massively anticipated Bulletstorm, if you pre-order... | PC

Limbo beats out Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Heavy Rain, and Shank for best animated video game

1450d ago - The development team at Playdead can add another award for Limbo under their belt after being awa... | Wii

PC Gamer: Shank Review

1468d ago - PC Gamer: Shank’s fatal flaw is that it does nothing besides look pretty and be excessively viole... | PC

Shank Review (The Game Effect)

1495d ago - Shank is a super-smooth side-scrolling platformer with strong cinematic visuals and a fun, if pre... | PC

Game of the Year Countdown: August 2010

1509d ago - The Game of the Year countdown continues to rock and roll over at Nerds on the Rocks. This time i... | Nintendo DS
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