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Klei Entertainment Opens New Collectible Store

401d ago - Klei teams up with ESC-Toy to bring new collectibles from their games to the market. | Culture

How Mark of the Ninja Does Stealth Right

524d ago - While stealth in games has a history of being clunky or frustrating, Mark of the Ninja does a few... | PC

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A Look at PAX Prime's Indie Scene

567d ago - The showstopper at PAX Prime in Seattle this year wasn’t Titanfall, the Xbox One, PS4, or Elder S... | PC

Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition Will Be Out August 16

597d ago - August 16 is the release date for Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition, a developer at Klei Enterta... | PC

Sculpted from Klei Jamie Cheng Talks to New Gamer Nation

606d ago - Klei Entertainment has only been going for the last 7 years, yet within the last 3, they've seen... | PC

Get Shanked: New Humble Weekly Sale

638d ago - The newest Humble Weekly Sale just went live and it currently features three games from Klei Ente... | PC

AAA troubles can help independent scene, says Klei founder

709d ago - GI - Jamie Cheng says cuts produce an influx of talent, but he'll miss the training devs get from... | Culture

Mark Of The Ninja Nels Anderson Interview

781d ago - Silent Was Not On The Cards For This Interview This week we got to sit down and chat with Nels A... | Culture

Don't Starve: Klei's grand experiment

790d ago - GI - The science and magic of developing a game with your community. | PC

Klei Entertainment Interview

806d ago - Hello everyone, it's Ben from Pixel Judge and today I've got the pleasure of speaking with Jamie... | PC

GamerTell Interview: The past, present and future of Don’t Starve

840d ago - GamerTell talks with Kevin Forbes, Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve lead designer. Find out how... | PC

We scavenge our way through hands-on time with Don't Starve

853d ago - You may have heard of Klei Entertainment. They’re the fine folks who are responsible for the stea... | PC

Developers Insight - Klei Entertainment

869d ago - Developers Insight is a new feature for Bitscreed where [Bitscreed] ask the developers of some of... | Industry

Mark of the Ninja’s Nels Anderson: Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 131

894d ago - Shanghai Six sits down with Klei Entertainment’s master ninja and creative director for Mark of t... | Culture

Review: Mark of the Ninja [talkingaboutgames.com]

927d ago - Klei Entertainment has a somewhat rough history. Shank, the game series they are best known for,... | Xbox 360

FTG PAX Prime 2012: Don’t Starve Interview with Matthew Marteinsson of Klei Entertainment

928d ago - Shanghai Six chats it up (and completely forgets to introduce to the camera) Klei Entertainment’s... | Dev

Shank Review (DualShockers)

1674d ago - DualShockers writes, "During this year’s inaugural PAX East show in Boston, there were tons of ga... | Xbox 360

Shank Interview with Jamie Cheng, founder and CEO of Klei Entertainment [ShogunGamer]

1681d ago - Ian Fisher writes: In this day and age it’s rare that we see 2D side-scrolling action games pop u... | PC

Shank: Jamie Cheng Interview

1683d ago - NowGamer speaks to Shank creator Jamie Cheng to discuss the game, violence and XBLA/PSN's place i... | Xbox 360

Shank co-op trailer

1709d ago - Klei Entertainments newest brainchild is called Shank. For more info read the article. Check out... | Xbox 360

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Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 12: Jamie Cheng from Klei Entertainment (Shank)!

1725d ago - Shanghai Six sits down with the CEO of Klei Entertainment, Jamie Cheng, where they discuss how hi... | PC
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