Brand New Vanquish Trailer Hits The Web

SEGABits writes: "This awesome new story trailer for Vanquish has got me right pumped!

To be quite honest I haven’t really been looking forward to the story of Vanquish I suspected it might be a bit of a throw away story to help set up the mad situations the main character may find himself in. Like Bayonetta. I’m in love with the game play in demo though.

However now, after this frankly very cool trailer, I’m excited for both. Bring on Vanquish!"

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GusBricker3000d ago

This game makes me want to smoke and scream, "Wolverines!"

JohnApocalypse3000d ago

I don't care about the story in this game. I just wanna blow up shit

Axisian2999d ago

but u gotta admit there is some really good production values for a japanese game.

much much better than lost planet which is by a big company like capcom

Convas3000d ago

Sega just continues to sell me on this game. The more I see, the more I want.

clank5433000d ago

cool game. Can't wait to try it. I just hope it isn't too short.

Axisian2999d ago

i dunno but i heard its 10 hours

Rikitatsu2999d ago

Knowing Mikami and PlatinumGames, It will most likely be stuffed with replay value.

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