Stranglehold: First Review

Gameplayer have just put up their review for upcoming shooter Stranglehold.

"It's popcorn gaming at its best and that's just fine and dandy if it's simple entertainment you want. If you're after a more meaningful addition to the evolution of gaming though, you'll be a tad disappointed."

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KMxRetro3842d ago

Indeed, congratulations on reviewing a game that hasn't even gone gold yet. "Preview Build, you say? Sweet. Let's bust a review out."

SlappingOysters3842d ago

idiot. Review code has been with mags for weeks.

felidae3842d ago

It's definitely a rent for me.

sandip7873842d ago

decent, may look into it.
ARGH im so nervous my a level results today!

FreedomReign3842d ago

I'm all about popcorn gaming. If the gameplay holds up to Hardboiled... which is what I think this reviewer missed. Then I'm more than happy. It comes with Hardboiled on BD for PS3, so its definately worth buying.

Sure the story is ass, and the acting is piss poor. The action though. OMG the action is beyond.

Having played the demo close to a dozen times, on all difficulties. I don't think this game will let me down. It'll be nice to have some light gameplay to go with the uber scary Bioshock.

Wallet is already starting to feel the pain.

rluvah3842d ago

Nowadays a game has to be 30+ hrs with long boring missions in order to be good I guess. Im glad it is popcorn gaming with all action. Sometimes people like me don't feel like figuring out long boring puzzles or finding keys all the time.

ElementX3842d ago

I played the demo on XBL and wasn't impressed.