UT3: PS3 and PC Only Cross-platform Play Confirmed?

Epic is incorporating GameSpy's multiplayer tech into its advanced engine. The partnership pertains only to the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, and will enable cross-platform play between the two.

"Over the past months we have fully integrated a broad suite of GameSpy online technology in Unreal Engine 3 and have built a fantastic working relationship with Epic," said Jamie Berger, senior VP of consumer products and technology for IGN Entertainment. "We look forward to extending that relationship with a number of new technologies customized for Unreal Engine 3 to be introduced over the next 12 months."

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MK_Red3936d ago

"The partnership pertains only to the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, and will enable cross-platform play between the two."
GameSpy will only be used for those two not 360 thus suggesting that 360-PC cross-play is out of the window.

Odion3936d ago

or that once again your a moron MK-red and that MS wouldn't use a third party multiplayer program because they have their own

zslash3936d ago

MK_Red : How does it suggest 360-PC play is out of the window?

They are using Games for Windows Live on the 360, not GameSpy.

Games for Windows Live supports 360 to PC connectivity.

Rooted_Dust3935d ago

360 to PC connectivity is out the window, because Epic has stated that they have no interest in using Window's Live Anywhere service. Which would be necessary to do cross-platform play between PC's and 360.

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SuicidalTendencies3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I'm not seeing were it says UT3 is "confirmed" to have cross-platform play. All it says is Unreal Engine 3.


This site is annoying. How can you disagree when nothing in the article says "CONFIRMED UT3 CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY". The title is misleading. I'm not saying that it won't have it. I hope it does.


I don't care if MGS4 stays exclusive or not. I'm merely stating a fact. Nowhere in the article does it say Unreal Tournament 3 in "confirmed" for Cross platform play. It just say Unreal Engine 3. A lot of Devs use the Unreal Engine. It could mean any game using that engine. I also read an article were Mark Rein said this:

"He also spoke about whether the game would feature PC/PS3 cross-platform play.

“I’d say it’s unlikely…there’s no technical reason you can’t do it, there’s a lot of reasons why it might not make sense and that is the fact that on a PC we can release a patch five minutes after the last patch if we wanted to. PlayStation 3 we have to go through a fairly complex certing process…that’s not to say we’ll never have it, but I don’t believe we’re going to ship with it as a feature.

“The thing is, it’s hard to know if people really want it or not. Do you really want to play against PC players?” He then added that the different gameplay speeds of the console and PC versions would also be an issue."

So tell me how it's confirmed again?

Hatchetforce3936d ago

The partnership pertains only to the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, and will enable cross-platform play between the two.

I am thinking you are one of those people that kept refusing to believe MGS4 was a PS3 exclusive even though Sony announced it.

Playing with terms and treating them all as some euphemisitic double talk will get you nowhere. They said it will enable cross platform play but you are thinking, "It says it will enable it but will Epic use this enabled ability?" Ridiculous really. It is in there.

Marona3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Same. It's not confirmed, go check the Epic Board yourself there isn't anything of this and no news about it from the Mods in there either.

Hatchetforce @
Go to the Epic board... :) No news from Rein.... hmmmm...

Hatchetforce3936d ago

Remember Mark wasn't sure about the KB/M issue until it came from another source and he checked with the dev team and confirmed it. Then he even laughed about not being aware of it. Nothing new.

Vip3r3936d ago

This game just gets better and better. I can't wait!

Xeoset3936d ago

*Waits for 360 version*

Better graphics and DLC.

*Awaits hypocrites*

D_U_I3936d ago

Xeoset - owned. jealous?

I would be

Jump Out.

Vip3r3936d ago

Except UT3 was build around the PS3's hardware.

KeMoBLUE3936d ago

better graphics: LMAO


you seem to forget the ps3 version gets mods and what does the 360 get?????

junk563936d ago


what are the chances of microsoft charging $$$ for ALL DLC? I DON'T KNOW!


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