Top 8 RPGs at Spawn Kill

Once again the staff here at Spawn Kill got together to each pick just one of our most favorite RPGs - which was no easy task. However, we all managed to settle on one title to represent some of our favorite moments in gaming.

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tigresa3036d ago

It's so cruel to make people only pick one RPG...

bclub_cali3035d ago

It's definitely hard to pick just one... Interesting choices here!

ShadowPraxis3035d ago

Nice to see both P4 and Xenosaga in there. :D

Leupac3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Some very interesting choices. I enjoyed Final Fantasy VIII so it was a pretty good suprise to see it up there as well as Persona 4 (I liked 3 better), and Xenosaga (Xenogears is one of my favorites)as well as Dragon Quest IX.

It really is hard to pick just one and I doubt that I ever could, from Valkyria Chronicles, Suikoden and Persona to Dragon Age, Fallout and Knights of the Old Republic I enjoy all types of RPGs so it was nice to see some unexpected choices in this list.

tigresa3035d ago

CRAP! You just reminded me of another favorite - Suikoden 3. <3

Snarkasaur3035d ago

I don't even want to attempt to pick my favorite RPG of all time. x_x Maybe if I had five different lists to add to.

Heart1lly3035d ago

Always awesome to see someone else who enjoyed Final Fantasy VIII! It feels like there just aren't many people who really liked that one.

theherp803035d ago

Someone needs to explain why JRPGs are so popular. is it just the anime characters? are the stories better? the fantasy settings? i have a hard time getting into them because they take forever to start. FF7 was the only one that i played a lot of and it was because everyone liked it so much. It was ok, i never finished it but thats only cause of the random battles. otherwise i can see why ppl liked it, i dont remember being upset because it was so slow at the start but i could be wrong about that.

Snarkasaur3035d ago

For me, it's the quirkiness of another culture. Japan has been majorly influenced by the US for sure, but they managed to retain something that we never seem to have captured in the US, and in turn with gaming. It's almost indefinable, but in a way sometimes I feel like they just appreciate life more than we do, and their games often portray that in subtle ways.

Yeah, sometimes they're just glorified hentai, but there are gems. It's also the first kind of RPG most of us ever played, which also lends some weight to the JRPG genre.

rrquinta3035d ago

I don't know, I just honestly really like the gameplay (I really like turn-based and strategy battles) in a lot of JRPGs... I think the nostalgia factor is high.

K-Tuck3035d ago

Because WRPG battles were traditionally not much more than hack and slash mechanics.

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The story is too old to be commented.