Might & Magic Heroes VI Officially Announced

E4G: Ubisoft has officially announced today Might & Magic Heroes VI. The game is currently being developed by Black Hole Entertainment.

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jazzking20012955d ago

cant wait for demo

dkblackhawk502955d ago

Was always a fan of the games before, can't wait for this one! :D

shepowy2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

This is going to be the best video game ever! n4g needs to get off their fat ass and post this story already!

mmoracerules2955d ago

0.0 lol at the last statement but I do agree, this game will be quite fun.

dkblackhawk502955d ago

March 2011? Damn...too many games are coming out during that time period, time to burn the wallet D:

mmoracerules2955d ago

Yep...the sad burning of my wallet and credit card for that matter...

Hitman07692955d ago

Oh my god wow, I was a big fan of the old Might and Magic titles, this will be epic!