Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While PS Move is Just a Wii HD

J. Lynch: "Kinect has taken Microsoft’s motion-controller from a distant second place in the buzz world to number one after being displayed yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 presentation to the public. Many people had written off the Kinect (at the time Project Natal) as nothing more than an updated version of the old interactive webcams from the 90’s or more recently the Playstation EyeToy."

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ClownBelt2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

gofanboy - The biggest 360 fanboy site that they had to put Valkyrie Profile 3 rumor as a Xbox 360 exclusive. tsk tsk.

Hey just telling the truth. How you don't see it is beyond me.

" (i should know, i live in a sewer under this guys house, hese been crying for quite some time.)"

WTF? Lol

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Traveler2627d ago

Well, I think this article takes it too far, but I was pretty impressed by Kinect. It looks fun.

mantisimo2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Did you notice........
The black fellow at the conference he daren't use his hands or arms at all when he was talking, it looked like they had been roped down.

"pass me a beer love while......*movie stops*.....oh sh!* wait let me start it again, no, no not that scene, there that's..ah lovely a beer...*takes beer* Sh!t ok don't move forget the frickin beer *phone rings* Hello Bernie....*movie stops* Sh!t sh!t sh!t..... Oh bugger this lets go to the cinema."

kaos_fish II2627d ago

I can only assume you're easily impressed.

HQLocated1112627d ago

PS move innovates while kinect is just eyetoy HD. And wii? Who cares?

Reibooi2627d ago

If Kinect works or not it's not Innovating. It's simply rehashing what Sony did with Eye Toy with slightly better tech. So far from the reaction to it it seems as if it will be just as successful as Eye Toy meaning not at all.

PS Move IS a Wii HD but that's not even a bad thing as the Wii has been a proven success and there ARE games on the Wii that could be made better in HD like No More Heros, Madworld and Muramasa.

Misterhbk2627d ago

That entire MS conference as far as Kinect was concerned was prerecorded. G4 even said as much in their review of the conference. Well, they, just like me, noticed that the people on stage seemed to be trying to keep up with the videos playing above rather than actually controlling anything. There was a moment while the asian girl was dancing you could see either lag or it was prerecorded. There was another moment when they displayed Kintectimals that the girls hands were at her side and the video displayed her petting the tiger? Either lag or prerecorded?? you tell me

basilbakerst2626d ago


Did you also notice that each of the presenters had to be VERY deliberate with their movements as well to navigate the menus? Unlike in Minority Report where the character just whipps through the interface with reckless abandon, each person on stage was so overly careful as to almost be timid.

blackbeld2626d ago

''Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While PS Move is Just a Wii HD''

That is exactly what most hardcore gamers want. And I do want it. If Nintendo make a Wii HD I will buy it ASAP. But nooo, Nintendo want to keep it cheap.

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Microsoft Xbox 3602627d ago

Sony went into 3d camera's but it just didn't cut it. Kinect from the conference showed us that buttons are still required for core games. No way to spin that.

Imperator2627d ago

This is so stupid. Wow, can anyone honestly say that MS impressed?? It was a horrible presentation, filled with casual games that I will never buy. And everything else was stuff the PSeye can do/has done.

Kinectimals = Eyept/Nintendogs
Dance Central= DDR
Kinect Sports = Wii Sports (which seems to have less lag)

etc, etc

This is not innovation, it is MS blatantly copying the Wii/PS3.

ARBitrator2627d ago

I don't recall any of the games you mention doing full 3D body tracking, coupled with voice control. Also, didn't you need some type of pad on the floor for DDR?

Did you need something in your hand for nintendogs and wii sports?

An if you are anything older than a selfish a$$ 12 year old, you have to admit the Kinectimals is a really cute game and the kids will just love it. You do have little brothers, cousins or something don't you. Shouldn't they have something cool to play with also, or should only you have cool sh!t?

madmonkey02627d ago

@arb, none of the 360 games shown did full 3d tracking either!

Imperator2627d ago

Kenictimals... yes, if your 3 you'll like it, but the fact is that there is NO physical interaction. Noting. Your just touching air. At least with Eyepet you have the dualshock/maybe Move and with Nintendogs you have something to actually play with them.

I don't know if it was just me, but that demo of the little girl acting like she was actually getting licked was just terrible and very unrealistic.

BX812627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

So you thought it was horrible because you wouldn't buy any of the games? So you wouldn't want to play Gears3 or you don't like to watch ESPN, or you didn't think it was smart to make COD map packs a 1st on the 360? Oh plus you thought it was lame make a slimmer console with wifi included? You must have also thought it was silly to secure a star wars game for Kinect showing it will also cater to more than just casual gamers. Let's also forget what kinect means for the system it's self, making the console user friendly without controllers.

This is not innovation correct? I forgot the PS3 and Wii have all this included. You are as blind as you lead everyone to believe. If you can't see the worth of each console then my point is proven.

Imperator2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

The fact remains the MS assured the core crowd would not be abandoned. Yet all they showed was ONE new game. One. That was it. All the others had already been announced last year. We knew about Halo Reach, Fable 3, and Gears 3... The ESPN thing is good, but it's not game related. MGR is multiplat, and the slimmer 360 is just playing catchup.

Look, I'm not saying that I'm not excited about Reach, Gears, and Fable. My point is that the conference was underwhelming and MS clearly did not deliver. That's my point.

Biggest2627d ago


"I don't recall any of the games you mention doing full 3D body tracking, coupled with voice control. Also, didn't you need some type of pad on the floor for DDR?"

Natal showed no 3D tracking at all. And while you need a dance pad for DDR, you obviously need not be in the room for the Natal dance game. Did you notice how the professional dancer and nerd boy looked exactly the same on the screen? I wonder if that was just me.

"or you don't like to watch ESPN"

Or you can't watch ESPN on, I don't know, ESPN? I was actually impressed by that announcement at first. But then I looked further into it. You don't even get the same coverage as normal ESPN, let alone ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNNews, ESPN Classic, or whatever else ESPN has to offer. And guess what? ESPN is free for those that have any form of cable.

I knew that all it would take is time for people to make the MS conference into an awesome experience for gamers. You needed a few hours to convince yourself that your undying love for MS still benefits you. Have fun with your rope jumping Tiger (that thinks he's a dog) and World Class Track Meet complete with imaginary NES Power Pad. I hope you enjoy the money on spend on such obviously exciting items.

muzikjunkie802627d ago

yeah becoz with the ps eye u could control the ps2 dvd functions or start a video chat conference and it was even voice activated eh? get real if anyone is copying its sony with move now thats a plain wii rip off right there the controler looks almost identical apart from the orb on the top of it. u know what i think i think the ps fans are just plain jealous as there is some stiff competition ahead becoz if this is just the start for kinect then lets just see what they have up their sleeves for when it releases in november and beyond. oh and to the ppl refering to the so called lag i guess none of u guys have ever done djing in a club to know that theres such a thing as sound lag between the dj booth and the speakers in the club? what im getting at its the exact same thing can happen in a venue with a huge screen and just before u fanboys try and shoot me down go and look up any stage performances where a person is in front of a huge screen and u will notice there movements are a few seconds behind. god damn raving fanboys on this site.

Bigpappy2626d ago

Some of these guys sound so selfish it is a bit scary. They remind me of that guy who killed his daughter because she unplugged his 360. Kinect is not for you, its for casuals, so it is harmful to gaming. I just don't get it, the majority of people on this site seem to have that warped point of view. Lord help us all.

KingME2626d ago

I think you have been on the site long enough to know that some of these guys don't even try and understand anyone's point of view. The fact that they can say the Kinect is a EyeToy, or a copy of the wii; yet at the same time can't see that similarities between the wiimote/numchuk and move/sub controller. It clearly shown their unwillingness to accept anything that doesn't agree with them.

This is what happen when you deal with people of low social intelligence, people like this can't reason within thenselves. It's the same reason why if difficult to get a 5 year old to understand that they should share their toys with their siblings.

You are probably deal with the 14-22 year old demographic here on N4G, this is the age group where this behavior is worst. Ever met a 17 year old that didn't f*cking know everything? Me

If this imature behavior is being exibited by someone older than say 25 years old, then they serious should be ashamed of themselves or they have a mental disorder.

Drac2626d ago

Yes you are right Bigpappy in it is not for me. Apart form the fact I don't own the current xbox (had the previous), this won't make me go and get one.

And I don't buy stuff so my little cousins can play it, that's why they have parents, also the fact they're on the other side of the world, and while I have a little sister, she's married with children so not buying it for her either. So ARB's reason's are not real applicable now are they.

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Newtype2627d ago

What do you expect from a site owned by Microsoft? (MSN)

BeaRye2627d ago

MSN doesn't own TGN media anymore.

thereapersson2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

wrong reply

nightelfmohawk2627d ago

Ah, so that's how they're describing it now. Look, just because something is different or hasn't been done before doesn't mean that it's innovative or even something people want.

No one has ever designed a gaming console that can also toast bread. Does that make it innovative, then, if a company were to release a console tomorrow that can also toast bread? What if it can also pour a shot of expresso?

Sony has E3 2010 in the bag.

elpresador2627d ago

....and far more than a suped up wii mote with a butt plug on the end.

Monkey5212627d ago

No, Move is not innovative, it takes proven technology and makes it better. What does Kinect do? The only impressive thing they showed there was that Ubisoft exercise game. And that even glitched. The girl who demoed it shrunk 2 inches if you compare the 2 conferences she showed it off at. Voice command? That has existed for a long long time on computers. If I really wanted to open my internet, "Computer, open firefox" and it does it. It's not innovative. ESPN? I have that already. Video Conference? The only new thing there was watching a movie together, which you could already do through chat, but this time you can see people's faces.

Anyways, my point is made clear. Neither of the 2 is innovative. Move is using proven technology, and as far as we know, making it better. Kinect is taking proven technology and trying to pass it off as their own and as innovative. Crazy.

squallheart2626d ago

wait doesnt some blu ray have the option to watch a movie with friends as well¿

Ilikegames762627d ago

they got a free slim xbox 360, that why they have to write something positive about the Kinect.

jsx2627d ago

Are you suggesting it only takes $300 to buy off a journalist?

Lumbo2627d ago

Are you suggesting these bloggers are actually journalists?

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morkendo2627d ago

DANGER,DANGER will robinson, kinect do not COMPUTE