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Submitted by BeaRye 2066d ago | article

Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While PS Move is Just a Wii HD

J. Lynch: "Kinect has taken Microsoft’s motion-controller from a distant second place in the buzz world to number one after being displayed yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 presentation to the public. Many people had written off the Kinect (at the time Project Natal) as nothing more than an updated version of the old interactive webcams from the 90’s or more recently the Playstation EyeToy." (Industry, Kinect, Microsoft, Move, Project Natal, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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ClownBelt  +   2066d ago | Well said
gofanboy - The biggest 360 fanboy site that they had to put Valkyrie Profile 3 rumor as a Xbox 360 exclusive. tsk tsk.

Hey just telling the truth. How you don't see it is beyond me.

" (i should know, i live in a sewer under this guys house, hese been crying for quite some time.)"

WTF? Lol
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Traveler  +   2066d ago
Well, I think this article takes it too far, but I was pretty impressed by Kinect. It looks fun.
mantisimo  +   2066d ago
yeah great fun.
Did you notice........
The black fellow at the conference he daren't use his hands or arms at all when he was talking, it looked like they had been roped down.

"pass me a beer love while......*movie stops*.....oh sh!* wait let me start it again, no, no not that scene, there that's..ah lovely a beer...*takes beer* Sh!t ok don't move forget the frickin beer *phone rings* Hello Bernie....*movie stops* Sh!t sh!t sh!t..... Oh bugger this lets go to the cinema."
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kaos_fish II  +   2066d ago
I can only assume you're easily impressed.
HQLocated111  +   2066d ago
PS move innovates while kinect is just eyetoy HD. And wii? Who cares?
Reibooi  +   2066d ago
If Kinect works or not it's not Innovating. It's simply rehashing what Sony did with Eye Toy with slightly better tech. So far from the reaction to it it seems as if it will be just as successful as Eye Toy meaning not at all.

PS Move IS a Wii HD but that's not even a bad thing as the Wii has been a proven success and there ARE games on the Wii that could be made better in HD like No More Heros, Madworld and Muramasa.
Misterhbk  +   2066d ago
That entire MS conference as far as Kinect was concerned was prerecorded. G4 even said as much in their review of the conference. Well, they, just like me, noticed that the people on stage seemed to be trying to keep up with the videos playing above rather than actually controlling anything. There was a moment while the asian girl was dancing you could see either lag or it was prerecorded. There was another moment when they displayed Kintectimals that the girls hands were at her side and the video displayed her petting the tiger? Either lag or prerecorded?? you tell me
basilbakerst  +   2066d ago

Did you also notice that each of the presenters had to be VERY deliberate with their movements as well to navigate the menus? Unlike in Minority Report where the character just whipps through the interface with reckless abandon, each person on stage was so overly careful as to almost be timid.
blackbeld  +   2066d ago
''Kinect for Xbox 360 Innovates While PS Move is Just a Wii HD''

That is exactly what most hardcore gamers want. And I do want it. If Nintendo make a Wii HD I will buy it ASAP. But nooo, Nintendo want to keep it cheap.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2066d ago
Damage control much?
Sony went into 3d camera's but it just didn't cut it. Kinect from the conference showed us that buttons are still required for core games. No way to spin that.
Imperator  +   2066d ago
This is so stupid. Wow, can anyone honestly say that MS impressed?? It was a horrible presentation, filled with casual games that I will never buy. And everything else was stuff the PSeye can do/has done.

Kinectimals = Eyept/Nintendogs
Dance Central= DDR
Kinect Sports = Wii Sports (which seems to have less lag)

etc, etc

This is not innovation, it is MS blatantly copying the Wii/PS3.
ARBitrator  +   2066d ago
I don't recall any of the games you mention doing full 3D body tracking, coupled with voice control. Also, didn't you need some type of pad on the floor for DDR?

Did you need something in your hand for nintendogs and wii sports?

An if you are anything older than a selfish a$$ 12 year old, you have to admit the Kinectimals is a really cute game and the kids will just love it. You do have little brothers, cousins or something don't you. Shouldn't they have something cool to play with also, or should only you have cool sh!t?
madmonkey0  +   2066d ago
@arb, none of the 360 games shown did full 3d tracking either!
Imperator  +   2066d ago
Kenictimals... yes, if your 3 you'll like it, but the fact is that there is NO physical interaction. Noting. Your just touching air. At least with Eyepet you have the dualshock/maybe Move and with Nintendogs you have something to actually play with them.

I don't know if it was just me, but that demo of the little girl acting like she was actually getting licked was just terrible and very unrealistic.
BX81  +   2066d ago
So you thought it was horrible because you wouldn't buy any of the games? So you wouldn't want to play Gears3 or you don't like to watch ESPN, or you didn't think it was smart to make COD map packs a 1st on the 360? Oh plus you thought it was lame make a slimmer console with wifi included? You must have also thought it was silly to secure a star wars game for Kinect showing it will also cater to more than just casual gamers. Let's also forget what kinect means for the system it's self, making the console user friendly without controllers.

This is not innovation correct? I forgot the PS3 and Wii have all this included. You are as blind as you lead everyone to believe. If you can't see the worth of each console then my point is proven.
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Imperator  +   2066d ago
The fact remains the MS assured the core crowd would not be abandoned. Yet all they showed was ONE new game. One. That was it. All the others had already been announced last year. We knew about Halo Reach, Fable 3, and Gears 3... The ESPN thing is good, but it's not game related. MGR is multiplat, and the slimmer 360 is just playing catchup.

Look, I'm not saying that I'm not excited about Reach, Gears, and Fable. My point is that the conference was underwhelming and MS clearly did not deliver. That's my point.
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Biggest  +   2066d ago

"I don't recall any of the games you mention doing full 3D body tracking, coupled with voice control. Also, didn't you need some type of pad on the floor for DDR?"

Natal showed no 3D tracking at all. And while you need a dance pad for DDR, you obviously need not be in the room for the Natal dance game. Did you notice how the professional dancer and nerd boy looked exactly the same on the screen? I wonder if that was just me.

"or you don't like to watch ESPN"

Or you can't watch ESPN on, I don't know, ESPN? I was actually impressed by that announcement at first. But then I looked further into it. You don't even get the same coverage as normal ESPN, let alone ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNNews, ESPN Classic, or whatever else ESPN has to offer. And guess what? ESPN is free for those that have any form of cable.

I knew that all it would take is time for people to make the MS conference into an awesome experience for gamers. You needed a few hours to convince yourself that your undying love for MS still benefits you. Have fun with your rope jumping Tiger (that thinks he's a dog) and World Class Track Meet complete with imaginary NES Power Pad. I hope you enjoy the money on spend on such obviously exciting items.
muzikjunkie80  +   2066d ago
yeah becoz with the ps eye u could control the ps2 dvd functions or start a video chat conference and it was even voice activated eh? get real if anyone is copying its sony with move now thats a plain wii rip off right there the controler looks almost identical apart from the orb on the top of it. u know what i think i think the ps fans are just plain jealous as there is some stiff competition ahead becoz if this is just the start for kinect then lets just see what they have up their sleeves for when it releases in november and beyond. oh and to the ppl refering to the so called lag i guess none of u guys have ever done djing in a club to know that theres such a thing as sound lag between the dj booth and the speakers in the club? what im getting at its the exact same thing can happen in a venue with a huge screen and just before u fanboys try and shoot me down go and look up any stage performances where a person is in front of a huge screen and u will notice there movements are a few seconds behind. god damn raving fanboys on this site.
Bigpappy  +   2066d ago
Very strong points ARBitrator
Some of these guys sound so selfish it is a bit scary. They remind me of that guy who killed his daughter because she unplugged his 360. Kinect is not for you, its for casuals, so it is harmful to gaming. I just don't get it, the majority of people on this site seem to have that warped point of view. Lord help us all.
KingME  +   2066d ago
I think you have been on the site long enough to know that some of these guys don't even try and understand anyone's point of view. The fact that they can say the Kinect is a EyeToy, or a copy of the wii; yet at the same time can't see that similarities between the wiimote/numchuk and move/sub controller. It clearly shown their unwillingness to accept anything that doesn't agree with them.

This is what happen when you deal with people of low social intelligence, people like this can't reason within thenselves. It's the same reason why if difficult to get a 5 year old to understand that they should share their toys with their siblings.

You are probably deal with the 14-22 year old demographic here on N4G, this is the age group where this behavior is worst. Ever met a 17 year old that didn't f*cking know everything? Me

If this imature behavior is being exibited by someone older than say 25 years old, then they serious should be ashamed of themselves or they have a mental disorder.
Drac  +   2066d ago
Yes you are right Bigpappy in it is not for me. Apart form the fact I don't own the current xbox (had the previous), this won't make me go and get one.

And I don't buy stuff so my little cousins can play it, that's why they have parents, also the fact they're on the other side of the world, and while I have a little sister, she's married with children so not buying it for her either. So ARB's reason's are not real applicable now are they.
Newtype  +   2066d ago
What do you expect from a site owned by Microsoft? (MSN)
BeaRye  +   2066d ago
MSN doesn't own TGN media anymore.
thereapersson  +   2066d ago
wrong reply
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nightelfmohawk  +   2066d ago
Ah, so that's how they're describing it now. Look, just because something is different or hasn't been done before doesn't mean that it's innovative or even something people want.

No one has ever designed a gaming console that can also toast bread. Does that make it innovative, then, if a company were to release a console tomorrow that can also toast bread? What if it can also pour a shot of expresso?

Sony has E3 2010 in the bag.
elpresador  +   2066d ago
Yet the SONY fanboys call move and innovation
....and far more than a suped up wii mote with a butt plug on the end.
Monkey521  +   2066d ago
No, Move is not innovative, it takes proven technology and makes it better. What does Kinect do? The only impressive thing they showed there was that Ubisoft exercise game. And that even glitched. The girl who demoed it shrunk 2 inches if you compare the 2 conferences she showed it off at. Voice command? That has existed for a long long time on computers. If I really wanted to open my internet, "Computer, open firefox" and it does it. It's not innovative. ESPN? I have that already. Video Conference? The only new thing there was watching a movie together, which you could already do through chat, but this time you can see people's faces.

Anyways, my point is made clear. Neither of the 2 is innovative. Move is using proven technology, and as far as we know, making it better. Kinect is taking proven technology and trying to pass it off as their own and as innovative. Crazy.
squallheart  +   2066d ago
wait doesnt some blu ray have the option to watch a movie with friends as well¿
Ilikegames76  +   2066d ago
they got a free slim xbox 360, that why they have to write something positive about the Kinect.
jsx  +   2066d ago
Are you suggesting it only takes $300 to buy off a journalist?
Lumbo  +   2066d ago
Are you suggesting these bloggers are actually journalists?
R2D2  +   2066d ago
Are you suggesting that journalists actully play video games?
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morkendo  +   2066d ago
AS MY AVATAR would say
DANGER,DANGER will robinson, kinect do not COMPUTE
vhero  +   2066d ago
Seems with this whole article 360 fans are on the defensive.
k-Lan  +   2066d ago
lmao! Like all you PS3 fanboys are on a daily basis? I can't believe one of the dumbest fuvks on this site had the balls to say what you just said. Go play UC2 for the 20th time or better yet, Killzone 2 online. ;)
starchild  +   2066d ago
PS3 fanturds flock into every 360 article and it gets old. You guys worship Sony and the PS3 and it's just sad. Why can't you guys just play games and like what you like without trying to shove it down everyone else's throat?
INehalemEXI  +   2066d ago

5 year old eye toy/ps2 game , called Kinetic. Kinect has got better gfx but it's fundamentally the same. This 5 year old game may be more responsive then Kinect for all I know.
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celtics345  +   2066d ago
WOW! That video is really impressive. This is from 5 years ago too, Kinect is on par with a product released last gan from Sony. HA
vgn24  +   2066d ago
I don't see where it's voice controlled and completely interfaces with the console?
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2066d ago
I don't see how voice control make a damn about the gameplay. New technology, same old gameplay.
Snoogins  +   2066d ago | Well said
Reality about Kinect.
Kinect, while it can be considered a glorified PS Eye, does open up room for innovation. However, no matter how many steps it takes forward, its drawbacks bring it further away from its potential to innovate.

One of the most significant issues is the lag. It's not a minor problem that can be overlooked, but a highly noticeable issue, and when the software requires precise timing and movement accuracy, it needs to have as little lag as possible.

Another issue the camera presents is its limitation in application. While it appears more suitable for casual experiences requiring less input, more core games like racers and shooters are going to require something tangible like a controller to function. The Forza Kinect and Joy Ride games were on-rails racers, with the only controls being hands at 10-and-2 and saying the word "boost". How would one accelerate in an actual racer? Say "faster"? I can understand a gesture to be recognised for gear shift changes, though. Also, how would one control a first person shooter? How would one move (besides obvious jumping and crouching to do those actions)?

Kinect has way too much still to prove, and a glaringly obvious issue with lag. Beyond the simple casual experiences, how can it be used for hardcore application? This is something we must not take in good faith and have Microsoft show, without staging a smoke-and-mirrors show like the Natal reveal and Kinect Experience. Say what you will about Move, but it has proven itself incredibly accurate, extremely fast, and capable of being used in both core and casual product.
clarkdef  +   2066d ago
Shit dude I didn't even think of any of that stuff. Exactly how do you accel?
Chimerhazzard  +   2066d ago
My Friend
I try to stay away from commenting these days. But I had to come out and say, this is one of the best comments I have read in a long time. I think you just made a very good point.

Well, I do believe that Kinect doesn't do much more than an EyeToy. Sure it may do 3D recognition but, in practice, I don't think that it has many "harcore gaming" applications. Besides, it doesn't seem to improve much over EyeToy, since it shows very noticeable lag issues, something that EyeToy didn't have.

On the other hand, Move is nothing more than a Wii-HD, sure. But at least it improves considerabily over the Wii, being much more accurate and doing 3D recognition as well. So, if now Sony is able to show both casual and hardcore games for the Move, I think it is a much better choice than Kinect.
shqype  +   2066d ago
What a very intelligent post, Snoogins!

You bring up some great points about how Kinect leaves much to be desired. One thing that annoys me is the way that Microsoft is marketing Kinect. Yes, there are cool things about it, but it is nowhere akin to the taming of fire or other advances in human evolution that Microsoft makes it out to be.

Microsoft should not be hyping their product up to that level, because it doesn't come close to living up to that amount of hype. Although, from what we've seen of Kinect, it seems hype is the only thing going for it.
morkendo  +   2066d ago
my sensors indicate KINECTS is "LOST IN SPACE"
DANGER,DANGER it dose not COMPUTE!! my long range scanner indicate PS MOVE will out sell kinect 5-1 ...kinect is a bubbling-neecompoop.
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clarkdef  +   2066d ago
The thing is casuals don't watch E3 or even know what the lag is. They may buy it like no tomorrow.
tinybigman  +   2066d ago
was a piece of crap i'm sorry that was the worst thing i've ever seen on a e3 conference. if anyone can't see that this is just eyetoy than i feel sorry for them.
#1.17 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
elpresador  +   2066d ago
Let me guess though...
....your are psyched about MOVE and think it is TEH BESTAZ THING EVA
nangoku  +   2066d ago
Suspicious neighbours
thump thump bump* the laughter of son and father in the upstairs apartment...Daddy hit the balls harder! yeah ur the best daddy! I love u daddy!
laughter and yelling continues for hours until I heard: Police. Get down on the floor asshole!
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maddhatter617  +   2066d ago
lol MS innovatess while ps move is wii hd? yet every kinect game shown was a copy of something the wii already did or a copy of something eyetoy already did. some people just don't know when to let things go. MS had the worst showing in E3 history get over it.
muDD   2066d ago | Offensive
gtamike  +   2066d ago
Sony started motion control
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gtamike  +   2066d ago
truth hurts
Dee_91  +   2066d ago
Who approved this
k-Lan  +   2066d ago
MS conference a trainwreck? OMG you people are delusional! These so called "gamers" can't even grasp what the purpose of MS's conference was for. Embarassing to say the least. From the feedback i got from "gamers" that couldn't care less about the so called "war" and N4G, every single one of them was impressed. Games were missing from this conference for a reason. The majority of the people on here are either too young or too stupid to relize what MS's goal was. The rest with a brain are hurting fanboy's searching for negatives. Just rememeber i'll be shaking my head laughing at how uneducated all of you really are. ;)
#1.23 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Dee_91  +   2066d ago
what was MS's Goal ?
Im curious because i missed the conference
koston3647  +   2066d ago
yes, please elaborate your long and insulting opinion.
no need to get all upset. Calling others names will not make you seem right.
darkpower  +   2066d ago
Well, I guess the usual suspects are out now that they got their talking points to try to defend that mess of a conference (and yes, it was a complete mess, no matter how much you try to spin it).

Don't forget, this was the same site that was trying to sell us that fanboys were the only ones upset over the possibility of Versus going multiplat, and made two different articles whining that people were upset and that they were the only ones that were hoping that it happened.

Thing is, I'd thought it would take longer than THIS for SOMEONE to come up with some excuses to distract us from the problems that are already plaguing Kinect.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   2066d ago
ps move innovates too cause is like a wii mote but also uses the ps eye toy and it's more precise i think both kinect and move will be a new experience in its unike way
ThanatosDMC  +   2066d ago
I thought trapperdan was green for a second. I cant believe that they're still clinging to Kinect after seeing that... im glad there are people that arent blind fanboys though.
syanara  +   2066d ago
@the giant flame war
all I have to say is Gears, Halo, Fable were all good but no APB or Crackdown was a dissapointment, Kinect seemed very laggy, and looks to be way too expensive. Microsoft really lucked out with portal 2 going Better on PS3.

Sony did great by A. kevin butler, B. showing some sweet surprises like Twisted metal and Dead Space / medal of honor exclusive stuff. C. showing us the games we want like Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Gran Turismo 5(which I am really excited for) and announcing a sly cooper collection (which was awesome) none of that was bad and I even left out the move incase people arent intrested in motion controls. if you take the move out of the equation its still good and playstation plus made the Sony press conference even sweeter. so with that being said despite waht the motion control future is Sony wins and by the looks of it (considering the bad press for kinect and the good press for the move) PS Move looks like its rising up above the competition.
GunShotEddy   2066d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Eddie20101  +   2066d ago
What are they smoking?
halojunkie   2066d ago | Immature | show
Duke Spookem  +   2066d ago
"Oh hey guys! We just got free 360s from the Microsoft conference LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!"
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Jrome  +   2066d ago
Very accurate.
gerol  +   2066d ago
gofanboy says...
"Meanwhile Microsoft has shown they can do a lot more than mimic and improve; they can create and lead." => really? then why most of their games are just wii and eyetoy rip-offs?
silkrevolver  +   2066d ago
...the NAME is an eyetoy ripoff...
Ri0tSquad  +   2066d ago
If anything, MS just took off where EyeToy left of. Of course, no one has a problem with that and it's innovative and inspiring. Lol, bullshit, I have PS Eye controlled games that are "controller free" and allow me to navigate the game with my hands, menus included. That would make me the controller (sound familiar?). All this sugar coating MS is doing to this tech has brainwashed a lot of kids into thinking this sh!t is original.
#6.2 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
travelguy2k  +   2066d ago
i would compare the
6 axis and the wiimote more closely than i would with Move. as both the 6axis and wiimote only use gyroscopes and sensors within the controller to figure out movement. Move uses internal sensors, and a camera as input devices. The camera has been out for 7 years plus, and the 6 axis came out the same time as the wii. So how has sony copied anything. They have only advanced their own tech.
SkylineR  +   2066d ago
And the PS Move isn't? I'm guessing we haven't seen what the Move is doing on the Wii before? Move is hardly doing anything new...
#6.3 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
Nicaragua  +   2066d ago
Nobody is claiming that move is something new and revolutionary, what they are saying is that it does what a wiimote does but more accurately.
doG_beLIEfs  +   2066d ago
how about....
Augmented reality? Can wii do that? No
How about the controller knowing where you are in 3d space? Can wii do that? No.
How about facial recognition? How about using 2 controllers to accurately move your character 1 to 1 with precise movements of both arms and headtracking? Can wii do those? No.

Face it....the move is the best of both the wii and kinect.
clarkdef  +   2066d ago
The difference is wii mote is proven, so to evolve it is a very good idea. PS3 is now capable of HD wii games with a lot more bells and whistles
fooltheman  +   2066d ago
Maybe doing things better, is more of a step-up
then try to give heaven, when you only capable of giving earth
Crusade  +   2066d ago
Socom 4 is a wii ripoff? Killzone 3?
#6.3.5 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
Bellcross  +   2066d ago
Lol ok....

I'll have whatever they're smoking.
darkdoom3000  +   2066d ago

Natal- every game they've showed can be done on eyetoy.
SkylineR  +   2066d ago
PS Move- every game they've shown can be done on the Wii...

For people that disagree, prove it. I'm not talking about this 1:1 business - but actual functionality....
#8.1 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(27) | Report | Reply
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2066d ago
Nobody 's saying otherwise @SkylineR... That's why you're gettin disagrees, cus your comment was uncalled for. But there are people saying that natal's innovative but all its game can be done on eyetoy cus there's no real 3D tracking in any of the games presented. Maybe for the Star Wars game could it be necessary but the trailer was a CGI.
#8.1.1 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2066d ago
The Move uses full body tracking, like Natal. Anything tracking your full body...which is pretty much every game...cannot be done on the Wii. There is no camera on the Wii. Look at EyePet. You can use the controller to interact with him...but you can also roll on the ground with him...controller-free. In TV Party, you have to move your entire body through small cutouts in paper by going into various poses. The Wii also cannot track in full 3D. Move is Kinect and the Wii combined, but done better than both.

So, yes...the Move is better. Is that what you wanted to hear?
matey  +   2066d ago
The wii can do 1on1 it on Zelda wii for sword ect and it happens to be 1 of the BIG 3 games on any platform at E3 so its like SONY doing 1on1 on GOW4 ect it would take about 4 years,Nintendo have been on the ball because Wii Zelda has been in dev since 2006,Wii can do 1on1 but only few games need it its not required for most games and Kinect is a laggy mess that will get u tired waving your whole body around not for me,Wii has a better setup for Core/Casual,Kinect is casual becase of lag/speed ect,Move and Wiimote+ are huge for Core FPS/SHOOTER/ACTION games Kinect strictly casual even if they do Core they will be slow unprecise games,Wii has proven FPS controls through IR in MP3,CONDUIT 1/2,MOH H2,MW REFLEX,ect MP3=super incredible light speed controls u cant get quicker more responsive controls at 60 FPS than this and Retro said that graphics can go way beyond MP3 inbterms of polygons ect look it up,Wii has proven controls only others can either match or not reach going off whats been done ect i mean Tigerwoods 11 has superior controls on wii,PS3 doesnt have this i wonder why?
adamx  +   2066d ago
with no conroller? wii cant do that. Ps3 can use the move or just use the eyetoy so it can do both and thier for you lose.
bigwheelstuntshow   2066d ago | Spam
MysticStrummer  +   2066d ago
Wrong. Precision is the difference. If you think that's not a huge part of it then you are delusional.
CaptainPunch  +   2066d ago
I honestly doubt the author of this article had some hands on time with the PS Move or Kinect, it's just from what he has seen on video.
#9 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Hyrius  +   2066d ago
Lolololol GoFanboy :

Ban this site please.
#10 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
You Noob  +   2066d ago
It will be hilarious if the the exclusive game will be for PS3.
#10.1 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
trippyaaron  +   2066d ago
lol it was bomberman
3sq  +   2066d ago
Well then Kinect is just a PS2 with Eyetoy in HD.
SkylineR  +   2066d ago
...and PS Move is Wii HD...
3sq  +   2066d ago
Ehhh No...
Sony's motion controller was in development before Wii(Gamecube in disguise)

Proof >>
#11.1.1 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(7) | Report
sashimi  +   2066d ago
adamx  +   2066d ago
no wii would need some kind of camera for that, do you still not get that?
silkrevolver  +   2066d ago
You mean.... “come here skittles!” (aka eye pet) or “Kinect Sports” (Wii Sports).... you all get the point, right? It’s nice hardware, sure... but there is NO GOOD SOFTWARE.
bigwheelstuntshow   2066d ago | Spam
blasian  +   2066d ago
"but after the display Microsoft put on, a lot of minds just changed." yep and not for the better
You Noob  +   2066d ago

In what??? FAILNECT
labwarrior   2066d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(10)
NJShadow  +   2066d ago
Oh c'mon, Kinect innovates and PS3 is Wii HD? Yeah, one might also argue that Kinect is a blatant PSEye clone... actually, that wouldn't even be an argument, it is a blatant PSEye clone. So where's the innovation again?
Bhai  +   2066d ago
J. Lynch:
"Kinect has taken Microsoft’s motion-controller from a distant second place in the buzz world to number one after being displayed yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 presentation to the public."

Mwahaahaaahaaahaa I'm cringing with laughter, no okay what haa haa haa, c'mon lynch, you needed to have some common-sense and self-respect while quoting this, yeah what'll the entire world say that by now knows how bad the cirque du soleil kinect freak show collapsed and how boring and equally pre-recorded & illusioned e3 conference by MS was... the world knows man the world knows, you're too late to cover anything up now... that has been a major disaster :)
Actually the fame and respect that natal had before the e3, even that has vanquished in flames since last 2 shows in 2 previous days, kinect practically killed natal, and it being the no. 1 hyped machine has fell down even below PS2's Eyetoy, which did the exact same games but like 6 years ago Haa Haa Haaa :)
#17 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
djfullshred  +   2066d ago
I think the Kinect technology is very interesting & cool, just from a tech perspective. But we are talking video games here. It doesn't look like anything revolutionary going on for gaming after seeing the videos from E3.

I'll say the same thing about Move if Sony doesn't bring out some kickass games to demo it with.
mantisimo  +   2066d ago
@ djfull
I don't think it is interesting or cool nor do I think(may be proved wrong) that the move will be, BUT what I had feared seems to be happening and that is no major new franchises and only a handful of new sequels.

I feel a rumble and a thundering best start running before I'm engulfed in a mountain of shovel crap.
Aomizuchi  +   2066d ago
asgharagha  +   2066d ago
kinect show was so weird does it work??????????i didnt get it from the we can break in forza ?how we can play fps games?how how how ......who will pay for this unknown thing?
TheAwesomessMan  +   2066d ago
OH MY GOODNESS Where's my suit at?.........
Flame On!!
ArcFatalix  +   2066d ago
yeah eyah
move can do 3d tracking compared to wii 2d its ripoff and natal can do 3d compared to pseye 2d is innovation?

These sites are taking adavantage of u guys.


i feel sorry for u if u give them hits
condorstrike  +   2066d ago
WOW I'm amazed how the same people that were bashing the Wii, then motion control, "Move=Wiimote rip-off btw" no matter how you put it, now bash Kinect or whatever the name is, Yes the same people that said we don't need 3D, now when Sony announces 75% of the games are going 3D, then you'll change your tune.

N4G was a x360 fanboy site and PS3 fanboys took over hard, 1 day of E3 and there's like 100 articles bashing Microsoft, Pathetic, really...can't wait for Sega and Nintendo to crush both these companies again...Ohh wait Nintendo did this already with old sub_HD & waggle technology...opps...LOL.
#23 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
somedude5892  +   2066d ago
I think games going 3d is still kinda lame. Most people do not have a 3d tv yet. I think the game market is pushing it too hard too fast.
djfullshred  +   2066d ago
I don't think it is lame they are coming out in 3d, since you can still play them in 2d...but I agree it is overhyped right now. I am not replacing my excellent plasma HDTV just so I can get 3d.
Adaminy  +   2066d ago
sega will not be crushing anything any time soon. nintendo is already crushing them both in terms of sales. but sales don't = quality... which a lot of people don't seem to understand...
WLPowell  +   2066d ago
what's more popular isn't always what's better... Check critical reception and attach rate of PS3 vs Wii.

I'm sure Carnivale games is one beastly gaming experience /s
somedude5892  +   2066d ago
The only game that looked fun at all was "Child of Edin" shown at the Ubisoft press. Kinect is pretty much summed up in the last line of this post.

"Many people had written off the Kinect (at the time Project Natal) as nothing more than an updated version of the old interactive webcams from the 90’s or more recently the Playstation EyeToy" and that's all it is.
Lucreto  +   2066d ago
I liked the game as well but at the end the person was using white gloves to control the game.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2066d ago
Eyetoy never existed for that guy.
BYE  +   2066d ago
What great innovation...

Related video
iliimaster  +   2066d ago
so.... all those wii looking games were just??....what all i seen was balancing games.. mixed with kiddie games... petting animals... yeah.... innovation at its finnest... forza hold ur arms out for more than 5minuets.... yeah it burns lol

this connection did not show me anything worth buying but that ubisoft workout game was cool... but i mean what else can connection do? not much or we woulda seen it....
Bellcross  +   2066d ago
I feel like eating some Skittles right now,I wonder why? :|
littletad  +   2066d ago
Are trying to imitate the success and tech of the Wii. That's just how it is.
WLPowell  +   2066d ago
the success... yes
There plenty of info that shows Move was sony's idea before the wii-mote was Nintendo's.
Bhai  +   2066d ago
@littletad: with non-sense enthusiasm, its only MS,
for they have been promoting natal/kinect like another console, 360-lifesaver by imitating a successful console suff etc. You don't see that at Sony's side. Sony is having a capability that is was more accurate than a wii-mote, has hardcore HD games for it, and adds up as an additional functionality to an onslaught of amazing non-casual 1st-party exclusives.
Sony's main focus has been 3D and that alone 1ups them in face of the competition. PS3 can have this motion-sensing feature of Wii but Wii can not have features of PS3, 3D & Blu-ray are just above everything else. Its obvious without a halo, 360 is simply doomed even when it has been priced at almost half of what PS3 asks for entire its life, and still it has been outsold by PS3 consistently, with halo: reach as the last halo, and probably the last system seller, they totally need the imitation of a successful console, the way they started the 360 journey by imitating the PS2 :)
#29.2 (Edited 2066d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
littletad  +   2066d ago
I'd love to see the links concerning your statement. Not arguing, but proven statements are much better. And Bhai, thanks for replying, but I can't help but read the fanboyism in your comment. It's hard to argue that Ms is the imitator here, when Nintendo is the one that was first with just about everything. Analog sticks? Rumble? Wireless controllers? The list goes on and on. The 360 was the first console to have standard wireless. Then achievements. Then the first with an online marketplace store. Sony has "copied" each of these things. So the argument is more than one sided. Obviously each of the consoles have so much in common with one other, there really is no point in labeling any company as the "imitator".
kane_1371  +   2066d ago
your proof
Sony started motion control

5 year old eye toy/ps2 game , called Kinetic. Kinect has got better gfx but it's fundamentally the same. This 5 year old game may be more responsive then Kinect for all I know.

plus have you forgot the psn?
it was around by the time of psp.

you really should straighten your facts.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2066d ago
Everyone really needs to ask themselves what does it matter who had what first? Cause I can guarantee there it doesn't matter to any of these companies whatsoever if someone copies. It is a legitimate strategy, especially for incumbents like Sony.
MysticStrummer  +   2066d ago
Agreed. I'm a PS3 only kinda guy, but I would say neither one of these control systems innovates. They are both refinements of past products. I personally feel that the Move is the more flexible of the two, so to me it's the better of the two. Kinect has great potential for casual games if the lag problem can be fixed. Move has great potential for casual and hardcore games, and the precision is already there.
menoyou   2066d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
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