My playdate with Project Natal

Thegamingliberty writes:

It still feels like it didn’t happen. I’m just still amazed that yesterday, May 26th 2010, I got my grubby mitts on Project Natal in Dublin. Like Shane I’m still suffering from withdrawal as my head is quite literally buzzing from questions. Shane pretty much covered it during his article but in the interest of covering it from both perspectives I thought I’d depart from my usual routine and outline here what went down yesterday.

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Dramscus3037d ago

Not able to ask about games because ball bashing is probably the best they can come up with.
I see a future of tennis soccer football and maybe boxing games for this peripheral. It might end up in a few racing games but I wouldn't play them without a wheel.
I can see this being the ultimate casual device with little to no inroads for hardcore gaming.
Shooters, action, adventure, and rpgs?
Will probably have you using the regular controller and use natal to track your head motions to where the avatar is looking. Or something even that sounds pretty lame.

Trebius3037d ago

They show 2 second clips of fighting games and racing games, then 5 minutes of ball bash 360.

Shadow Flare3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Still seen nothing move can't do. And do more accurately. Honestly.

oohWii3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Can move tell when you open and close your hand?

Can move tell when you have opened or closed your mouth?

Can move work with nothing at all in your hand?

Can move tell when you kick your foot directly toward the TV instead of side to side?

I'm not sure that's why I'm asking you because you appear to know everything. As do most people on N4G, I think tech companies should come here for employees, because everyone here are so brilliant.

I can honestly say, I have never seen ANYTHING since using N4G that has PS3 fanboys attention as much as Natal does. I mean EVERY Natal story is littered with trolling PS3 fanboys spewing out boat loads of blind hate. Then again, jealousy always breeds hatred.

dizzleK3037d ago


who is jealous? you natal cultists are the ones utterly creaming your jeans over NOTHING. NOTHING but this goddamn red ball game has been shown and you cultists claim it's better than sex. the ps3 fans in these articles are the only level headed, rational ones. you're all counting chickens before they hatch and it's gone from being excited to outright delusions and hallucinations.

you'd better pray this thing is a bomb because if it succeeds ms is going to drop your "hardcore" asses like a bad habit.

oohWii3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Okay first off, what's wrong with 360 fans expressing the admiration for Natal if they like it? I really don't see the problem in it. Here is what I don't get; WHY THE HELL DOES IT BOTHER YOU?

Why do you feel a need to hate on it simply because they like it?

"the ps3 fans in these articles are the only level headed, rational ones."

That statement alone speaks volumes about your narcissistic attitudes and totally blinded fanboy logic. Here is an ideal "PYHOOYA" and try to see things from an objective standpoint and you may just learn something.

I truly can't understand why it is that when 360 fans like something, some people feel compelled to crash the party and talk a bunch of crap. Perhaps it's the internet, because we know cowards like you would never talk this much crap to anyone's face. I'm just saying.

weazel3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Anybody "admiring" hardware is a little bit odd to be honest, and coupled with your use of the word narcissistic....hmmmm. You can be excited about it releasing, its potential, etc, etc, but you should learn to accept criticism when its objective.
Comparison with a competitive motion device is very valid, and shouldn't be seen as an attack, so there doesn't really seem to be the need or call to 'throw down' as much as you seem to be dude..

DelbertGrady3037d ago

We will get our answers on what both Natal and Move can and can't do come E3. It's only 12 more days for you to keep your ignorance in check.

Writing off Natal as crap based solely on a red ball demo of which none of us have even tried is as ignorant as saying Move is nothing but a Wii rip-off.

corneliuscrust3036d ago

stfu about "no new games"

I'm pretty sure theyve only said over NINE THOUSAND times that they


it's not THAT hard to pay at least half attention now is it?

man... i swear most of the posters here don't even seem to be people. Is this site populated by bot scripts?

KingME3036d ago

"Anybody "admiring" hardware is a little bit odd to be honest"

The definition for admire is below, why do you think it's odd for someone to admire a piece of hardware. I know you're trying to sound intelligent while attacking oohwii at the same time, but you fail.

I noticed that you actually never did address the point he was actually making. So really, your point was well uhh, POINTLESS!

–verb (used with object) regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval. regard with wonder or surprise (usually used ironically or sarcastically): I admire your audacity.
–verb (used without object) feel or express admiration.
4.Dialect. to take pleasure; like or desire: I would admire to go.

weazel3036d ago

Attacking oohWii? Nah, think you've missed the target there little fella.
I was just pointing out that comparison, when made in a valid context is relevant. Which it is.

Oh, and I stand by my original statement that admiring hardware is peculiar. Admire devs, designers, etc, but hardware? Unless it's sentient then it cannot be respected, and no amount of cutting and pasting from online dictionaries that emphasise this self owning fact, will support your failed argument. Pointless? Yup, s'pose you are.

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captain-obvious3037d ago

this is an old video i saw it on you tube long time ago

m233037d ago

A very positive review. He said that this was a near final build and that there was no lag in the game. I doubt that a bit, but it sounds great if true. Most, if not all the previews I have read about Natal have been very favorable, which is increasing my anticipation for E3 more and more. Less than two weeks to go!

m233037d ago

For some reason the link doesn't work anymore. I was able to read the story and everything a few minutes ago, they must have taken the story down for some reason.

m233037d ago

Oh wait, now its back up, but now it's a different article. I wonder which existing franchises he must be talking about that will be using natal. I think most definitely a Viva Pinata game, and that joyride game will use Natal.

chaosatom3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I don't understand why we are using the Dodgeball game to judge its lag. It's a simple Dodgeball game! Ofcourse I expect it to have no lag.

I wanna see bigger/better games than this.

lpfisher3037d ago

Agreed. That's just intelligent marketing though.

IdleLeeSiuLung3037d ago

Doesn't the ball game track full body motion in 3D? Why would it change with a different game?

Bigpappy3037d ago

If it were laggy, you would fail at making quick responses. The game would have to be in slow motion. As it is, this is the perfect type of game to showcase the quick response of natal.

Bigpappy3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

That was some endorsement from just playing the red ball game. I await one of my wise friends here at N4G, to come along and let us know how much M$ paid for that endorsement.


thebudgetgamer3037d ago

those were microsoft employees.

masterofpwnage3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )


haha and wth is a wise friend, we aint your friend.

but this time that whole arguement with the paying is true. imean they are microsoft employees, they need to get paid.

Bigpappy3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

You know I love you guys. I come here almost everyday to be enlightened. I do kind of feel sorry for you. E3 could be a lot tougher on my "wise friends".
I suggest you pre-order the slim bundle as soon as E3 is over. I predict problem filling pre-orders on release. And no, I am not Patcher.

@Godmars290: This is a different article. The first one disappeared. This is the perspective of the second guy. There were 2 of them. Both were blown away by the "Red Ball Game". I want that game with my Natal.

thebudgetgamer3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

dont you feel bad for me, im in gaming nirvana.

i also have for ya big-p

venum3037d ago

The article seems to have been removed.

Blaze9293037d ago

” My Ricochet avatar was incredibly responsive. Any pose, any movement, anything, was recreated instantly on screen. Even jumping on the spot or twisting my upper body saw the avatar doing so too. Bending my knees, inverting them inwards or clapping my hands was again perfectly reiterated by my avatar. No lag, no delay and no thinking. ”

I think haters are going to be in a world of pwnage and I told you sow come June 13th...

Hallmark Moment3037d ago

Yes sir. The savage attacks are dying down a bit due to the calm before the storm plus fanboys throats are messed up from making so much noise trying to scream over the excitement for Natal.

lpfisher3037d ago

"trying to scream over the excitement for Natal"? are you serious? The "excitement" has been pretty mild.

Greywulf3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

All games have lag, even ones with controllers. The lag is the least of Natals worries, how about a game lineup, how about demos of other genres of games working? All you guys can do is go "BUH BUH e3!" E3 is behind closed doors, just like Milo was. And we all remember how innovative that was, until Kotaku busted them out as lying & controlling the damn thing.

He says all that, then you can look at the video posted today of a jerking avatar bouncing around like it has parkinsons. In what world do you guys live in to where you and any casual is going to stand up in their living room HOURS at a time, or sit in their couch holding nothing in their hands to play games? Its like you guys don't even get the hate. Let me clear it up...

Haters are tired of Hating on the Red Ball game... its literally hating on itself at this point. Its 2010 and you guys are bragging about how well Ricochet works, and how the haters will get owned by hitting a red ball.... Its been hated on since last year..

Ya'll have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o much invested into natal its not even funny. MS's AAA lineup has dwindled since gears 2.Wii games are getting ported over to Move. Yet, none to natal.. i mean unless MS invests in 100's of titles, which it wont, What the hell are you playing on Natal? Oh thats right, you have NO CLUE.

I dont even care about move, but it has shown it works in several games. Natal hasn't shown jack. they are both silly gimmicks trying to Get Wii owners. Neither will work because Nintendo has branding recognition as Casual & Fun for families. Which is why they are #1. They appeal to the General audience.

You guys are honestly listening to peter monelux.......

And believing him.

I mean beat your chest about an add-on all day... But don't act like the excitement for Natal is dwarfing anything, haters are in full effect laughing at how everyone is just reviewing Ball Smash over and over. And even then, its Dwarfed by PS3 related news on the front page, of actual games.

falviousuk3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

wow thats one damn long troll report there. did you get all the rage out in that one blowout or is there more.

breathe in, breathe out

Bathyj3037d ago

I've never said anything against the tech of Natal (maybe I have, I cant remember, I dont think so) and its not even that they havent shown the games yet, I just want to know how this gets implemented into a game.

Do you have to hold you finger up and go BANG to play a shooter?
Do you have to pretend you have a steering wheel for a racer?
Swing a fake sword with nothing in your hand for an RPG or Hack n Slash?

All of that sounds really, really crap, to me anyway. And worse yet, it sounds imprecise without a zero point to calibrate off, or would you have to point you finger at the center of the screen to sight it in, and do the same with your "sword" or "wheel."

How is this going to be used in a mainstream game?, thats all I want to know. Give me some info.

I'm not terribly excited about any motion controls but the only reason I have some hope for Sony is I can see how it could be used for the games we already play. Sony will put it in hardcore titles like Socom and Killzone. I'm not interested in mini game compilations, party games or hitting balls back or any of the other shovelware that plagues the Wii.

Maybe I'm not being creative enough, maybe I'm being obtuse. But I am willing to wait til E3 before I make my judgement, I'm just explaining that not everyone is a fanboy just because we're not drooling all over Natal based of nothing.

We have reason to be skeptical at this point, the lack of buttons (can Natal really detect someting as slight as a finger moving just enough to push a button?), or any demostration with relevant software, coupled with the rumoured performance hit (is that a rumour or confirmed?) is a worry for gamers.

Do you want to see your XB games dumbed down to fit Natal in? If someone made a multiplat motion game would PS3 owners want it modified to allow for this self imposed hit? Just as would XB owners want their game altered if it were to be on Wii. Imagine if CoD 8 was to have Motion controls on all formats, so the game had to be designed from the ground up to run on Wii which is virtually a souped up Gamecube anyway.

Would this be a progression for games and gamers or a regression?

I'll stop now because it wasnt my intention to be too hard on it, I'm just airing my concerns.
E3 had better have plenty of solid info, thats all I say.

falviousuk3037d ago

i believe the system isnt intended fpr hardcpre gamer use/ and certainly isnt intended for thingvs like shooters as it looks as thougb it isnt precise enough for button detection.

Its what it could potentially bring that is exciting, and thats up the talented developers out there to realise its potential. Imagine an ew style of adventure game being release that used it in some form to navigate the screens, moving objexts about etc, used in conjunction with the voice control.

I beleive MS have allready said the first batch of games coming out will be smaller. more casual affairs with perhaps fable 3 being the exception.

Im looking forward to seeing if ti can deliver at E3, i certainly wont be putting the system down as i havent got hands on time with it or seen exactly what software is availabe for it come release. Again ill wait till the reveal at E3

lpfisher3037d ago

The one thing they've "shown" that I would have a use for is the dashboard navigation. My hangup, though, is it's just as easy to grab a controller, flip the left stick around a bit, and hit a few buttons. OR a dvd remote. That's a novel idea; but they already have that.

As far as games are concerned, i just don't see it being effective. I'm open to being impressed at E3, but i see it as an impossibility.

My favorite part of this is that the system is obviously not intended for hardcore games yet the hardcore gamers are the ones excited about it. Casual game players, the ones it's targeting, most likely don't even know what it is unless they watch Fallon, or follow blogs (casual gamers don't follow blogs)

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