Peter Moore On PS3 Sku's, PSN, Price Cut & More

Kotaku video interview with Peter Moore on PS3 configurations,price drop, PSN.

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Bloodmask3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

with Peter Moore. He always seems cool calm and collected.

And he is correct Sony critisized Micro about 3 Skus, and then turned around and did the exact same thing.

Sangheili853906d ago

I agree. He always seem professional.

sony fan3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

we said the Wii was a gimmick then rushed to put half ars tilt crap in our controller once we saw the wii. Then we said rumble was last gen, Now we are all jumping up and down it is coming back, and of course we would not pass on a chance to dump on MS for 3 skus then do it ourselves too. Hey we are sony, just a bunch of wannabes and copy cats, but we will say it is an innovation and our ignorant fans will be more than happy to agree and spread our word like we came up with idea, go sony.

ericbs3906d ago

How do people disagree with you? Can any of you show me examples of where he wasn't very calm? Or did you disagree cause he made sony look bad?

dantesparda3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Right at the beginning of the video Peter Moore asks, "what price drop, its still $500", is he stupid or something? Come'on Peter Moore, stop bullsh!tting us, so you're telling me that going from $600 for that SKU to $500 is not a price drop? so am i stupid or something and just cant do math? cuz my math tells me, that's a $100 difference. And then he asks "what are they gonna do with it" talking about the extra storage on the new SKU's HDD. Well then Mr. Peter Moore, i will ask you the same question, "what are you gonna do with the extra storage on the Elite's HDD?" as he knows that Sony is also gonna come out with this downloadable movie sh!t too. So why even ask the question when he alreay knows the answer? its all just bullsh!t, bullsh!t designed to fool you. You's wanna talk about FUD. This is ridiculous! is this video gaming or fvcking politics? because it's starting to get just as bullsh!t as politics is, with all the lies, and deceit, and spin. It dispicable, but then again, what am I saying, corporations have always sounded just like politicians, after all they are all cut from the same cloth.

And this sh!t about Sony only selling the 60GB PS3 for limited time and then just sticking with the new $600 80GB SKU is just fvcking stupid on their part. Completely and utterly stupid. I swear i have never seen a company make more mistakes then this Sony does. Jesus! and you wonder why you are geting your ass kicked. How do these idiots end up running these companies anyways?

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ReconHope3906d ago

microsoft and sony stick with one sku. i think its better that way 4 the consumer.

Salvadore3906d ago

MS/Sony should focus on making one sku which can both be accessible to hardcore gamers and casual gamer. If they plan on making different sku's they should emphasize that the different models have the same hardware.

uxo223906d ago

Why not have multiple SKUs if it means more people would be able to purchase the item. More SKUs mean more choices, more choices means more customers. How would people feel if car dealers only sold the fully loaded version of all of their cars. Or stereo equipment makers only sold the top of the line stereos.

I'll tell you what would happen, the prices would be too high and people would be reluctant to purchase it. Kinda like the PS3, don't get me wrong, it's a great machine, but some people can't afford, therefore the either get a 360 or the even more inexpensive Wii. It's simple economics.

Sony, stop using multiple SKUs an excuse, it's not that the general public had a problem with two SKUs, they had a problem with the price point. Sony came up with the SKU problem all on their own.

ReconHope3906d ago

i get what your saying but dont u think the 60 gig price cut but then the 80gb still for the same price, is a bit much?

uxo223905d ago

I think what sony should have done was permanently reduce the price of the 60 version to 499.00 and perhaps released to new higher capacity sku with a 160-250 gig HD in it since they are claiming it to be more for downloadable content. Because when you're talking downloading HD movies, the 20 gig difference would be eaten up most quickly. IMO

OR they could have also done something cool like release the 80 gig version with two rumble pack sixaxes controllers for 599.00

JIN KAZAMA3906d ago

All Sony is doing is releasing a bigger harddrive fools. Thats to be expected.
MS on the other hand, said, no need for HDMI, and then turn around and bring out the Elite.

uxo223905d ago

Microsoft stated that they will release HDMI when they felt that the market called for it. If you're gonna comment on what someone said at least try not to slant their words.

cdzie13906d ago

Hey. both companies have been doing a lot of talking, espically Sony! This is a fun fight to watch and we all play a part in who's right by voting with our money!

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