MSNBC - Super Street Fighter IV Review

MSNBC reports: "Super Street Fighter IV adds new characters, game modes, and multiplayer features fan ought to enjoy."

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Gandalf2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

What's with the low score?

Anon73492857d ago

Blazblue is better, so since continuum shift is coming out soon there's no point in getting SSFIV

archemides5182857d ago

cuz they're mad the d-pad on the 360 sucks, they don't want anyone to buy it at all

Army_of_Darkness2857d ago

This is way better than the original. I luv it!
played online last night and damn... those online players got some ridiculously mad skills! I got my a$$ whipped so many times!!
well, back to training..

Simon_Brezhnev2857d ago

Score seems pretty accurate it should had been DLC all dem changes could had been DLC paying $40 for 6 new characters well then again its Scamcon ways. Now their already talking about more DLC for SSF4 how much you want to bet its already on the disc like it was in SF4. They fooled me last year not no more lol.

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Myst2857d ago

Should have had a picture of Juri instead >_>. Honestly the game is a lot more fun than what the original was, though not mainly because of Juri's inclusion into the series [though it helps], but it feels a lot better overall. Especially the challenge modes, being able to see them all from the get go is better than having to beat one to get to one [at least in my opinion]. I still don't understand how I could do some of the higher ones easier than a lower one.

Hopefully I can at least get in a couple of online matches in tonight or tomorrow.