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Submitted by kevco33 2152d ago | news

Free Final Fantasy XIII DLC Arrives

Square Enix has today revealed the first downloadable content (DLC) package for the phenomenally successful Final Fantasy XIII. While a debate has been raging since the game's Japanese launch last year as to whether Square Enix would capitalise on the opportunity to add new content to what is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games on the current-generation of games consoles, that question has today been answered. (Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

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PirateThom  +   2152d ago
eDIT: Ha, totally misread that, never mind.
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Reibooi  +   2152d ago
Ok there needs to be some sort of rule that Avatar items or Home items don't count as DLC.

So misleading. I read the title and think they added new content to the game for free? And it turns out to be nothing.
poontab  +   2152d ago
Yeah I knew about this when I registered, the day the game came out, lame. What I want is to be able to purchase a story for this lame game. I mean this is more like Star Ocean's inbred stepchild with a touch of FFX's lame art direction, masquerading as a FF title. BTW anyone else notice that all the random nameless NPCs look exactly like Blitzball players?
poontab  +   2151d ago
Love me some Tonberry.

Hate my Chocobo's long floppy ears, looks like the bass player from Ziggy Stardust.

Edit: oops @2.2 VVVV
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vhero  +   2151d ago
Yeah plus S-E have officially come out and said there will be no in game DLC for this title. That is confirmed.
WildArmed  +   2151d ago
yeah.. how is this DLC.

It's like saying OMG, I got a FF13 theme for free... now imma write this down as DLC ...
Myst  +   2152d ago
Don't know what to think about this...I'm assuming something along the lines of Playstation Home avatars? Or even better avatars for PSN? I think the latter would be better, but highly doubt it.
poontab  +   2152d ago
Profile avatars would be great if I didn't already have most of the trophies and notice they don't really look like anything from Final Fantasy. Seriously I'm starting to think I've woke up in some bizzaro world where I'd be more likely to see a Moogle in Star Ocean than FF. Would it have killed them to have a Cactuar, Tonberry, or Chocobo in there? If they did avatars it would most likely be some rock or random shape they started say was FFish about a year ago.
-GametimeUK-  +   2152d ago
Tonberry is win...
Myst  +   2151d ago
@Poontab: Anything FF related or Square related would be great in my eyes. I bet they could get away with charging 99 cents for them and people would still buy them. Though I kind of doubt they would do something like that, perhaps take some screen shots from Dissidia's inventory of avatar and slap them on PSN. Something like the images presented below.

Personally I think they could use all of the avatars that were used in Dissida and play them up for 50 cents. How many would use Cloud, Seph and the rest? Not to mention they could also put in the 8-16 bit avatars as well. Square is really missing an opportunity by not taking this chance.

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SuperSaiyan4  +   2152d ago
This is misleading
Anyone who has registered their copy of FF13 on the 360 will get the avatar clothes however the Psicom outfits doesn't look very nice imo.
I got the FF13 Super Elite and that came with avatar clothes for a male and female and a chocobo. The clothes that came with my 360 are better kept the male one for myself and gave the female one to my girlfriend :-)

So basically there is still no news on actual DLC for this game yet.
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vhero  +   2151d ago
PS3 owners get a free FF14 beta invite I know which I would prefer and it ain't no virtual clothing ;).
-MD-  +   2152d ago
How is this news? I clicked this to see some actual DLC.
crck  +   2152d ago
It's not. Its a desperate attempt at getting clicks. Unless DLC stands for downloaded costumes now...
vickers500  +   2152d ago
I hope it's a dynamic theme or a psn avatar and not some lame home costume.
Yi-Long  +   2152d ago
No Japanese Voice-option...!?!?
... hmmm... not interested then...
BeaArthur  +   2152d ago
That would be cool if I had the 360 version. I was hoping for some new in game content.
Ngai  +   2152d ago
I want a nude patch
kwicksandz  +   2152d ago
Doesnt tell me what i get since i bought the ps3 version. LAME
Iceman X  +   2152d ago
Exclusive PSN!!!
The PS3 already got exclusive stuff whet you get certain trophies you get up to 6 free themes for your PS3. Avatars lol they can keep em.
ablecain  +   2152d ago
If it is HOME related on the PS3, I'm gonna be disappointed
Godmars290  +   2152d ago
What they need to to is patch the game the images in the bestiary. Allow you to watch all the cutscenes once you finish the game.

As far as crap in Home is concerned, they need to start by making that stupid apartment free.
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cobraagent  +   2151d ago
My thoughts exactly. I would also like for some english subtitles to come for the japanese version
Claudinho69  +   2151d ago
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SnukaTheMan  +   2151d ago
This final fantasy is the worst I have experienced
Cant believe how many opportunities square lost with small little games...running around with NOTHING interactive is just and story are interesting but c'mon us some love with more stuff...hell even a table with playing cards would o0f been appreciated..nothing....just one way...
edonus   2151d ago | Spam
SnukaTheMan  +   2151d ago
I agree....
at least final fantasy 8 had that powerball minigame or whatever it was since the last one I played was final fantasy 7..didnt go to 8 9 or 10 or is just disappointing how much they could of added to both hd versions....I would of been happy with f*cken dynasty warriors type gameplay in this version least its not like a dumb interactive book that this game turned out to be....

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