6 Things Capcom need to do with Resident Evil 6

Resi 5 was a bad photocopy of an awesome game. Most of us accept this. Sure, it had its merits (co-op was definitely a success), but for many die-hard survival horror fans it had lost that spark that made Leon's adventure so memorable. Developers Capcom, fresh on the heels of creating one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed games of all time, knew they could rest on their laurels a bit when it game to Chris' murderous African escapades. Hell, series creator Shinji Mikami even admitted it didn't need to change the series. But did concede Resi 6 would have to reinvent it...

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WildArmed3191d ago

Good list.
Definitely some improvement I"d like to see in the next RE/

But I"m more hoping for a cool remake of the PSone days. Those games could really be different with the tech we have availiable now.

MrRaveDave3191d ago

did you ever play the resident evil remake on the gamecube? That was a stellar game and still looks/plays awesome now! A remake of resident evil 2 on the 360/PS3 would blow my socks off. Instant buy if they did that!

WildArmed3191d ago

i have not.. But i'll look into it.

Sometimes re-makes have to be done to bring hte franchise back alive xD

-MD-3191d ago

The gamecube remake of the original is arguably the best Resident Evil in the series. Also the scariest by far.

Daver3191d ago

keep coop! its what make resident evil 5 good otherwise it would have sucked.

bacon133191d ago

The article makes great points. All I ask is that its like RE4 with the ability to move and shoot at the same time Dead Space style.

ThanatosDMC3191d ago

I say zombies. Lots of them!

Jdoki3191d ago

Yep... The GameCube Res Evil remake is phenomenal.

theunknown3189d ago

It needs to be more then that.

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Ryuha1234h3191d ago

1. Make it a PS3 exclusive so ur can use as much space as u need.
2. Make Leon S. Kennedy the main character again.
3. don't make u have a partner like Sheva.
4. Bring back Eda Wong.
5. Try to make it really scary and really fun at the same time.
6. Improve the graphics.

BeaArthur3191d ago

Stealth troll much? You just couldn't resist sneaking in the fanboy comment could you?

ultramoot3191d ago

1. Disagree. Make it for all 3 major platforms. No point in being exclusive for a game like this.
2. Agree. Leon needs to come back. He's the most entertaining character in the franchise.
3. Agree. The AI controlled partner was annoying in RE5.
4. Agree. But I think it's spelled 'Ada' Wong.
5. Uh...Just make it a crazy-scary game. The fun factor will create itself.
6. Duh...

Halo3 MLG Pro3191d ago

Just one thing is needed. Being able to shoot while you move. Improve the controls is all Resident Evil needs. Everything else is just butter.

user8586213191d ago

If they made it sh*t scary like dead space, had classic zombies, and had co-op that would be sweet! xD

BeaArthur3191d ago

I would agree with everything except scrapping the characters. We have all watched these characters for years, and although I am not opposed to new characters I don't think they should get rid of all the existing ones. The one thing they definitely need to do is allow you to move and shoot at the same time. The combat feels very dated after playing Dead Space.

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