PlayStation Move requires 1-2 MB of system memory

Sony's GDC panel "Introducing the PlayStation Motion Controller was exactly that: An introduction to the newly named Move peripheral. David Coombes, Kirk Bender and Anton Mikhailov showcased a number of impressive tech demos, many of which demonstrated the Move's incredible precision and low latency. One of the most impressive demos showcased full body tracking using an on-screen body puppet, not unlike one of Project Natal's tech demos.

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Tony-A2903d ago

That's it? They weren't kidding when they said they were using a "slice".

rroded2902d ago

how they do it? any chance they b using that 'extra' core 2?

WildArmed2902d ago

Right. I'm still not sold on it though. I still need to see some reason why I'd go out and buy this for a new experience. But at the moment, I prefer playing SOCOM with a DS3 over PS Move.

But they still have E3 to change my mind.

ChozenWoan2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

ohh that's right they already did.

Seems PS3 has gained resources just in time for PSMove while 360 is allocating more for Natal. Then again we all know that the easier to develop for console (360) is setting the standard for graphics and gameplay so it can spare 30% of it's powerful CPU for Natal... good thing the power pack is external or it would likely over heat.

Wii HD... in a good way.

thereapersson2902d ago

"Setting the standard for graphics and gameplay"

Of what? Was that sarcasm?

Godmars2902902d ago

Sorry, they already gave those 70mb to devs.

Guess they'll have to find another place to steal that big old 2mb...

Mr Logic2902d ago

You don't see anything strange with a number like 70? As far as I know 24+48=72. So they took 2 and gave 70 to developers.

ChozenWoan2902d ago

I got a MGS80gb PS3 Phatty, and it's turning out to be the best gaming investment I've made in years.

Skip_Bayless2902d ago

Yes! Graphics will not be comprimised because of PS Move. The same cannot be said for Project Natal! HAHAH!

rockleex2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Was I the only one that read this article?

"Body tracking is made possible by combining the Move and PS3's head tracking capability. According to the presentation, the PS3 can also detect faces, going so far as to identify individuals through face contour and feature detection. The software will be able to recognize gender, age, smiles and when eyes open and close."

Facial recognition demo from over a year ago:

Voice recognition demo from over a year ago:

All on the PS Eye.

vhero2901d ago

Compared to Natal which uses a huge chunk this is impressive and is no wonder why devs are starting to look at this over Natal already as it will no doubt be easier to work with.

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Justin_bristoe2903d ago

... a controller use memory?? im not gonna bother reading this article but if someone knows tell me

rroded2902d ago

well the software has to b able to track up to 4 of em in 3d so its going to use mem for sure

jus like natal does

question is how the heck do they do so much with so little...

Meryl2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

It's because the methods they use for tracking motion devices are more precise and less demanding on hardware lol.
for example what do you think is easier for hardware to process, an algorithm for tracking a ball or an algorithm for tracking key points on a persons body and then translating the information into usable data for motion control purposes, think about it, lol

beardpapa2902d ago

^ what he said.

Afterall, the system just needs the data from the gyros and the spatial information of the sphere. Not that taxing on a system.

DaTruth2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Natal wastes 100.4MB in comparison!

going by the 20% numbers given by MS. And yes, 360 has unified ram architecture so that effects both CPU and GPU!

RememberThe3572902d ago

But we still don't really know what Natal does, it's probably technically very impressive. And I'm sure they will be able to lower it's footprint some how. My main question with Natal is how do you input with no buttons(when your not using the controller)?

unrealgamer582902d ago

I'm right there with you dude, Don't get me wrong I loved the games that were shown but I believe it needs an uncharted level game to show the hardcore gamers It's worth it.

WildArmed2902d ago

I'd like to see something that I havnt done before.
Ok, archery looks cool, sword play etc etc but I think the feeling is the same as pointing a mouse or a gun in an arcade.

I remember Time Crisis 4 and atm PS Move reminds me of it. (in terms of function, not how it's done.)

xabmol2902d ago

Is a FPS that can take what the Wii did with Metroid and amp it up to the next level.

Metroid:PC was the only game, I felt, that really showed what the Wii controls could do. I loved that game! It was really the only Nintendo game that actually felt like it was better off with the motion controls! Sony needs games like this to make me want the Move. Games that will actually play and feel better with it!

Dead_Cell2902d ago


PirateThom2902d ago

What in the holy good hell are you talking about?

1-2MB of system memory, not hard drive space and... even if it was HD space, that's less than a save file... :-/

The Wood2902d ago

try taking in what you read my friend

Dead_Cell2902d ago

No wonder trolls exist.

TehSuperCell2901d ago

Dude, this is N4G.
Trolls are a serious threat to these weak minded individuals.
Dont feel so accomplished, bro.

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