Killzone PS3-Second Intention and Guerrilla

It's hard not to post about these minute details that are popping up about Killzone for the PS3.

A couple of weeks ago learned of Guerrilla Games at the Develop Conference, this week thanks Epix at PS3Forums, learned that Second Intention has worked with Guerrilla Games on "graphics technology research".

Although they've completed their contract in 2005, they have continued working with Guerrilla Games on what we assume to be the lighting system for Killzone on the PS3.

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Rybnik4186d ago

Yeah, this was real intriguing info. I read about it last week on the B3D forums, great stuff! This pics they have there are super impressive and if they are an indication, the KZ2 will have fantastic lighting.

boi4186d ago

it will no doubt be amazing! with the money and time and secrecy spent on it!

lil bush4186d ago

alot of money, alot of developers, alot of time, should be a great game and should look really good.............

tehcellownu4186d ago

with all the hype surrounding this game..its goin to be big at better make it come close to the trailers they shown last year or try too..i bet u it will look better then gears of war..

Amplifier4186d ago

The trailer was shown at E3 2005, still goes to show you how much the "general" public really knows about the gaming industry


Blankman4186d ago

Well all i want is a solid shooter. The ps3 has so much untapped potential its about time someone starts tapping it. If sony start releasing games that are on another level on ps3 then 3rd party devs will also have to step up their game to match sony. The real question is can sony sell enough units of their ps3 to even warrant the spending of such huge amount of money on real next gen games. I certainly hope so. For this reason i bought a ps3 not for blu ray but for games that will make me feel that i am playing next gen. SO far in my opinion far too many games have been hitting the 360 and ps3 that should have probably jst stuck on the xbox and ps2. Games like gears of war, motorstorm and fight night are really the only games that have made me feel like i am truly playing next gen. Don't get me wrong am not saying the other games arent great but i expected a larger leap in game quality and so far i havnt really been impressed. However i have seen some promising stuff. eight days??? not sure but ratchet and clank uncharted heavenly sword, mass effect, lair and some others seem to show promise.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4186d ago

It only gets better from here! :) E3 & BEYOND

peksi4186d ago

I didn't know he's a doctor :o)

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The story is too old to be commented.