Super Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition

Just announced is the Super Street Fighter IV Collectors Edition:

"Capcom has revealed a Super Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition that will release on April 27th in the US and April 30th in the UK and Europe. The CE contains an extra CD with the characters background music"

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Ninji3157d ago

"They also said that there is another item to be announced at a later date to be contained in the Collector’s Edition."

A milk carton?

NoBias3157d ago

For that price, I'll be owning this collectors edition FOR SURE. I literally cannot wait. I'm getting my new Hori custom stick with Sanwa parts in one week.

Method3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

$26 more for better boxart and the OST which you could just download? Not worth it at all. They could have at least included some extra in-game costumes or something.

bruddahmanmatt3157d ago

Extra in-game costumes for free? C'mon this is Capcom we're talking about. We all know there'll be a $25 surcharge for extra costumes.

GUCommander3157d ago

I'm fairly certain that is an average price of the game throughout US and Europe.

N4Flamers3157d ago

there will be 2 classic packs of costumes for free till july first. That has nothing to do with the collectors edition though.

jetlian3157d ago

knew there was gonna be a ce to this after seeing that juri anime clip! 66 is about right tho. with hopefully amazon being cheaper it'll cost 57 or so

BYE3157d ago

I only got the regular game for SF4 so I'm definitely getting that.

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Somnipotent3157d ago

i'll wait until super street fighter vi turbo championship edition remix comes out

3157d ago
DirtyLary3156d ago

SF , the new Madden franchise with yearly full purchase upgrades.