.hack//Link to contain lost episodes, gets bundled

Bandai Namco will release the game as a standalone as well as in a special package. The bundle comes with .hack//Link (including two playable episodes of the .hack saga not previously released), a .hack "historical disc," and a high-definition ".hack//re-birth" blu-ray disc that says "History of AURA" on it, all in a special box. A pair of Famitsu scans in this update too.

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knifefight3275d ago

+1 one sold if this comes to North America.

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Redempteur3274d ago

How piros the 3rd came to be ?

that could be fun to watch ...

But it need to translated first ...

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STONEY43274d ago

Meh. I never liked .hack.

toaster3274d ago

Wasn't .hack a faux-MMO? You were a character in a game world and you could interact with other "players" (NPC's) and go on quests with the "friends" that you made in the game. What a joke...

knifefight3274d ago

I can see why one might think that, but no.
.hack was a somewhat standard action RPG that took place *within* an MMORPG. The stuff you mentioned is featured within it, but mostly as a means to progressing the story. I definitely wouldn't call them highlights of the game.

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