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Famitsu Sucks

1537d ago - "Whenever a Japanese game has a high anticipation level, Western gamers can't wait to cite the hi... | PS2

.hack//Link is "Horrible" - RPG Land import review

1834d ago - It seeming apparent that .hack//Link will probably not make its way stateside, Heath Hindman tell... | PSP

Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Top 10 Video Game Angels of 2010 [Site NSFW]

1862d ago - The ranking, compiled by top Akiba retailer Sofmap: the top 10 video game angels of 2010. | PSP

RPG Deals 5/30 – 6/5

2079d ago - "Alpha Protocol launches at $45 price for the PS3 and 360? Only one store is doing this deal, h... | Nintendo DS

RPG Deals 4/25 – 5/1

2114d ago - A light week for RPG deals overall, but Final Fantasy XIII is marked down, plus a discount on Pok... | 1,2,4,5,12

American Gamer in Japan: Metal Gear Dew, Risque iPhone Apps, and PSP RPG madness

2145d ago - Peace Walker Mountain Dew, sexy iPhone apps, and the PSP rocking out in this first installment of... | 4,6,11

PSP RPG screens + Tokyo Mono Hara Shi box art

2156d ago - Screenshots of .hack//Link, Zettai Hero, and Phantasy Star Portable 2 as well as the Japanese cov... | 4

Japan's RPG releases: J-Shop Watch March

2161d ago - In Japan, it's the end of two eras this month, as the final PS2 RPG is shipped as well as the fin... | 4, 5, 9, 11

New PSP/DS RPG scans

2164d ago - Last Ranker (PSP), Lufia DS, RPG Maker DS, .hack//Link (PSP), Keroro RPG (DS), Dragon Quest Monst... | 4,5

Final .hack game hits Japan, release scans

2166d ago - .hack//Link for PSP, the last .hack game, is out now out in Japan. Here are some Famitsu scans. | 4

.hack series recap, Haseo with an afro, Tales crossovers: new .hack//Link images

2170d ago - Haseo sporting an afro and some Tales costplay in some new screenshots of .hack//Link for PSP (so... | 4

.hack//Link Features Tales of Graces Costumes

2171d ago - Andriasang: .hack's Haseyo character is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. Its Ovan character is voiced... | 4

.hack//Link developer reiterates grim truths + box art, scans, small details

2174d ago - .hack developer CyberConnect 2 speaks about the upcoming .hack//Link for PSP by giving some small... | 4

PSP/DS RPG scans: Lufia, .hack, God Eater, DQ6, Tokyo Mono Hara Shi, more

2191d ago - Lufia DS, .hack//Link, God Eater, Dragon Quest VI, Tokyo Mono Hara Shi, Atelier Judie, Super Robo... | 4,5

Handheld RPG scans 1/29/2010

2201d ago - God Eater, Zettai Hero, .hack//Link, Wizman's World, Fate/Extra, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep,... | 4,5

.hack//Link – 7 screenshots

2203d ago - Just a few screens of the next .hack game. | 4

Various RPG scans 1/25/2010

2204d ago - Darksiders, Phantasy Star Portable 2, .hack//Link, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International, NieR... | 1,2,4,5,12

A Look Ahead: Upcoming PSP Titles for 2010

2209d ago - The PS3 is set for its biggest year ever, but its little brother isn't looking too shabby either. | 4

.hack//Link, new screenshots

2209d ago - Bandai Namco Games released new screenshots of .hack//Link for the PSP. | 4

New .hack//Link images

2210d ago - A few screenshots and a double-page Famitsu spread showing Namco Bandai's .hack//Link for PSP. | 4

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

.hack//Link screenshots

2231d ago - Bandai Namco Games released some screenshots of .hack//Link | 4

Handheld RPG scans 12/6/09

2255d ago - Atelier Lina (DS), Cross Treasures (DS), Last Ranker (PSP), Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP), Yggdr... | 4,5

.hack//Link: Famitsu shows more Xth modes

2256d ago - A double-pages spread in the new Famitsu shows us more of .hack//Link. | 4

PSP RPG scans 12/1/09

2260d ago - Zettai Hero, Phantasy Star Portable 2, La Pucelle Ragnarok , .hack//Link, Elminage II , Hexyz For... | 4

.hack//Link to contain lost episodes, gets bundled

2262d ago - Bandai Namco will release the game as a standalone as well as in a special package. The bundle co... | 4
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