Who Has Lost The Most Exclusives?

PSInsider compares lost exclusives between the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Nelson M3230d ago

Urrrr ?
Hmmmmmm ?
Let me Think ?

Ahhhh !!
The 3Shitsty !!!

OmarJA3230d ago

Yeah the 360 no doubt about it & M$ didn't even benefit that much from the games they stole...

MGSR is a spin off & the other is a gimped version on multiple DVDs while the PS3 owners gets two exclusive titles from the same franchise & we keep MGS4.

3230d ago
El Botto3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

I say "steal", because in reality most of those games were from 3rd party publishers who will most likely have ported it on multiple consoles ANYWAY.

The real PS3 games stay PS3 because they are owned by Sony themselves.

And let us not forget the "MGS4 coming to 360" CRAP that appeared every day or so which started in 2005 and only ended RECENTLY in 2009. Hell, there were STILL stupid xbots claiming MGS4 would come to 360 before E3 2009.

Today, it is clear that the roles have reversed. Let us not kid ourselves. Even a blind man can see the 360 has been taken a beating almost every week.

Ahhhh its good to be a PS3 owner. Because now is the payback time. We warned you bots to back the fk off 3 years ago. We repeated it two years ago. We said it last year. But did you idiots LISTEN? No, you just kept trolling and your efforts became worse and worst.

Hahaha this gen is going to be classic OWNAGE. And its just going to get worse and worst for the shiatbox. Just like I said 2 years ago. When the games start popping and PS3 is flexing its muscles, the 360 is going to be begging on its knees. Its going to be massively embarassing bots. Its just going to get worse and worst for you hahaha. But Im loving it EVERYDAY. One ownage a day keeps the good doctor away. HAHAHA

fr0sty3230d ago

Unfortunately, not obvious enough. One of the main complaints I still hear from people in game shops about PS3 is the "lost exclusives". It's from media outlets blowing ff13 and gta4 out of the water, when neither was ever really expected to be exclusive first. All Microsoft did, as in the case with DMC4, was delay the announcement of the game on their console until well after Sony announced their version, giving the mental image of lost exclusivity.

Sony on the other hand beat them at their own game, by requiring developers who are porting 360 games to PS3 to give the PS3 version exclusive content.

The Lazy One3230d ago

the biggest hit is that 360 still maintains mostly timed exclusives. A lot of the PS3 stolen exclusives are either huge established franchises (such as final fantasy and metal gear) or are released simultaneously. Many of the exclusives on the 360 later picked up on the PS3 are still timed exclusives for a year or so before they are released.

Some of them are better after a year of development, but it's still essentially a game you could have been playing a year ago on the 360.

TheWretched3230d ago

Yeah frosty...

people seem to ignore, that the 360 lost MANY more exclusives in one generation than the PS did over 2, coming from the PS2 going to the PS3.

gaffyh3230d ago

how the hell did he get the 0.1 comment???

shadowfox3230d ago

It's such a dumb list they use. Half of those 'exclusives'(PS and 360) were never even called exclusives, they just came out at a time there was only one platform. Lost Planet, Condemned, Oblivion, Dead Rising, they were never 360 exclusives per say, they just came out when there was no alternative platform and the company didn't wanna port them a year+ later.

Same with things like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, GTA. MGS2, FFX, GTA3 all came out when Sony's PS2 was the only platform. Hell, the GTA games and MGS2 were even available later on in the XBox's life.

lowcarb3230d ago

It's a multi account glitch.

a_squirrel3230d ago

Ithink it's when someone who posted before him, he replied to, and the first post got removed completely

or it's a glitch


How many exlusives have Xbox 360 lost? Bioshock and Mass Effect have never been exlusives only timed and timed doesnt cut it.

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Johnny Rotten3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

I remember about 2 years ago Sony put out a statement saying that 3rd party exclusives are a thing of the past and they would much rather put effort into their own game development. People laughed and Kotaku probably did some lame article describing how this is damage control for games going multiplatform.

2 years later and here we are. I find it funny that some people/corporations are able to see the future at a different angle the ones falling into the "here and now" idealism of how things should work. It kinda reminds of the time Microsoft said their was no need for HDMI but that's another story!

ChozenWoan3230d ago

Too bad the exclusive lists didn't take into account those that are on PC as well. It would be interesting to known just how many games are truely "Exclusive".

thedisagreefairy3230d ago

outcome at all

all the articles over the past year and half made it out that the 360 took all the games away

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