BM: Prototype Review

Blast Magazine writes: "Everybody can agree that if there are three things in the world that are fun to smash into the ground, they are zombies, evil SWAT teams and helicopters. Prototype does a beautiful job of making sure that you get plenty of opportunity to fight all three, usually at the same time. Once you get bored with the novelty of the battle system however, the game offers a moody, clichéd narrative that fails to set it apart from other sandbox games out there".

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Lord_Ranos3338d ago

I still have to play this game, is it good??

DonCorneo3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

No, wait, the game sold tons so it won't be in the bargain bin anytime soon.. go for a second-hand copy instead. gamers who bought it probably traded it in after a few hours of playing it - it's that lame and repetitive.

Or just rent it.

Lord_Ranos3338d ago

lol, thanks for the tip.

Cajun Chicken3338d ago

I disagree, it's a good game, sort of like Crackdown, but it'a been selling for a while, so best get it on the cheap.

callahan093337d ago

@Don Corneo,
The game isn't bad, and I've been to GameStop a couple of times this week(two different ones, twice each) and I haven't seen a single used copy for either PS3 or 360. I think it may be a few months or more before you can get it for a bargain price. Then again, though, it may be worth waiting, as there are other games you can get and play right now and wait for this one to go down in price.

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deadreckoning6663338d ago

Yeah, I bought it and traded it in after a week. Very repetitive.

-Mezzo-3338d ago

InFAMOUS was much better game but i agree with the rating given above.