Fall of Liberty Screens

Codemasters released a whole bunch of screens for thier upcoming game Fall of Liberty.

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BlackIceJoe4254d ago

The game really does not look that bad. I just hope the game will be fun and play well.

MK_Red4254d ago

How could they show those pics? They look horrible. Graphics are medium PS2 not 360 and next gen...

Karebear4254d ago

After seeing GTA IV's version of NYC, this looks like it may as well be LegoLand NYC. I'm just not impressed with these screenshots. Lets hope that a later build improves on this.

OutpostCommand4254d ago

Please note this game is so far from completeing, its quite shocking.
I wouldnt judge a game by its second batch of pics.

This game shows good promise though - it looks original.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4253d ago

I like the direction there going with this game its not cookie cutter.

kingofps34253d ago

I hope the game is as good as some of the other Codemasters games.

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