GameSpot: Anno: Create a New World Review [DS]

GameSpot: "Dawn of Discovery for the DS has simple visuals that depict your buildings and people with little detail, but despite the lack of visual flair, watching your villages develop into cities is a delight. The structures are cute in their simplicity, and there's some activity on the streets to liven things up. You can zoom in close to get a good view of the market carts going to and fro along your roads and zoom out far enough to look down upon entire islands. The jaunty music befits the visuals and evokes the adventurous spirit of settling on a new frontier. There's also a smattering of voice acting on hand in the Story mode, which helps give a better sense of the characters than you would get from the writing alone.

It doesn't have the era-spanning historical scope that many games of this type have, nor does it bring anything new to the table. But the flaws here aren't enough to overshadow the pleasure of building your cities, sailing the seas, and discovering what awaits over the horizon. The brisk pace and accessible city-building mechanics make Dawn of Discovery a game that should appeal to the adventurous spirit in just about anyone."

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