Multiplayerblog: How Do You Hold Wii MotionPlus Sideways?

Multiplayerblog: "All of the games that support Wii MotionPlus have you holding the Wiimote in one hand like a wand, and it works great (depending on the software, of course). But what about the games that allow you to turn the Wiimote sideways like an old school NES controller? Say, for example, "New Super Mario Bros." The game, which was developed to be approachable to gamers of all skill-levels, can be played just like an old school Mario game…but not if you have Wii MotionPlus attached.."

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Smacktard3382d ago

...Why would you NEED to hold the Wiimote sideways with Motion+? I thought that the whole point of playing with the Wiimote sideways was so that the games wouldn't rely too much on precise motion controls, and could be played by pressing only a few buttons. There's simply very, very few (if any) cases where wielding the wiimote with motion+ sideways would make any sense, and I'm sure that another solution could prevent these circumstances.

kunit22c3382d ago

at this article, i'm pretty sure that if your holding it sideways it doesn't support motion plus anyway.

Cledus Snow3382d ago

Apparently it's too difficult to put some effort into doing so. Lazy.

TheBand1t3382d ago

Isn't M+ detachable? Just take it off you nub.

Baka-akaB3382d ago

I feel the wii motion plus system is a complete rip-off (as in it should have been there from the beginning) , however this is a rather silly article .

Remove it , or use a second one without it . Not to mention those games are playable with a pad

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