EA Considered Doing Its Own Natal, Backs Sensible Motion Gaming

In an interview with Kotaku, the head of EA disclosed some of his company's experience and ideas involving Microsoft and Sony's motion tech, predicting that half of the market will eventually go to motion-control games.

On the final morning of E3, Stephen Totilo sat at a closed bar with EA CEO John Riccitiello and learned that the renowned publisher of Madden, Rock Band and dozens of other hits had a shot at being the creator of Microsoft's Project Natal controller-free motion-gaming system.

But the Xbox 360-maker beat EA to it.

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XLiveGamer3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Regarding the Sony tech, Riccitiello said, "I've been playing with that and it is cool. And we saw that two years ago. In fact, I think we introduced Sony to it." ..... LOL!!!

Well some people are complaining about Natal and is because they don't have this >>> Creativity + <<<.

Of course not all games are going to fit on Natal but come on think about it.

What about this games:
-FPSRPG games like Oblivion and Fallout
-FPS Games like Halo and Call of Duty
-SKATE! from EA
-some Sport games

I know all this motion technology have limits but what if they implement something like the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk or this on Natal >>>

Come on! Natal with a wireless Nunchuk and that mind control technology will be Cool! Ohhh!!! i just can't wait for an Star Wars game using those things!

And that is the part you guys apparently don't get yet.
Natal is open for more options than the Wii and Sony Motion technology.

Instead of hating Natal why not recognize that is more versatile than the competition and enjoy it in the future.

WildArmed3357d ago

I agree totally.
But u seem to 4get that natal has lag.
I dunno if i wanna put up with that