Transformers 2 Unveiled Movies, Screenshots, And Multi-Player This Is Amazing

Transformers never looked so good on a home console before. Optimus Prime plays as good as he looks in this game everybody I'm telling you your going to fall in love with this game and fans of Transformers will feel very appreciated at the work that was put into this game.

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Calvin_ISA3341d ago

I don't want to doubt, but I do. The last Transformers game blew ass.

MattG3341d ago

I mean who doesnt want to play as badass transforming robots who kick ass? Hopefully the game doesnt blow like the first

redsquad3341d ago

I didn't think the first one was a disaster, but there was a lot worng with it. Being a TF fan I'm bound to try out the sequel regardless... Won't beat the ARMADA game on PS2 I expect (which I still play on my PS3 even now)

egm_hiphopgamer3341d ago

wait till this game come out then you'll see what I mean