Digital Battle: Up Game Review–Tired and Repetitive Platform Gamer

Digital Battle writes: "So Pixar's releasing its newest movie in a matter of days-you know it better as Up. It's a foregone conclusion that, at this point, the only thing that could possibly stop it from having an eight-figure opening weekend is a nationwide power outage. Thus it's probably an equally foregone conclusion that it's going to get merchandised out the yin-yang, and I mean that in the literal AND figurative senses. Of course, this includes a video game, now available for Wii, Xbox 360, Playstations 2 and 3, PC, DS, PSP and of course Mac, and I only hope that the movie isn't nearly as predictable or as repetitive as the game is."

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rodellison3403d ago

I'd agree that the title is a bit disjointed, story all over the place, etc. ..but there is something to be said about how younger kids see this game.. I've got 2 five year olds that have struggled on about every game for the 360 so far (not that they should be playing games, but they see dad playing and they just want to participate). I got this game for them and they took to it immediately. The COOP element in UP is simple enough for them both to get (where they have to help each other up, etc), surprisingly funny, and they are having a tremendous amount of fun with it. I still think its fully worth the $39 that it costs.