No, The Gameboy Advanced is Not Dead

Kotaku reports that the last-gen Nintendo handheld is still being shipped to retailers worldwide and even sold 420,000 units worldwide last fiscal year.

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JustinSaneV23499d ago

If it weren't for the Pokemon Gold/Silver remakes coming out on the DS then I would be picking up on these bad boys.

BTW, does anyone know where I can find Pokemon Fire Red and/or Leaf Green for a reasonable price? My local GameStop is trying to sell them off for $40-$50 and that's just for the game only!

50CALheadshot3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

im playin pokemon saphire on my psp.

my first pokemon game and honestly
now im hooked.i feel like a addict lol, while waiting for my new obsession : INFAMOUS.

loving saphire though.

JustinSaneV23498d ago

23. You have a problem with that?

JustinSaneV23497d ago

Our age. It just sounded as though you were setting us up for ridicule.

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MisterNiwa3498d ago

It's not dead, mine is still running.

Tony P3498d ago

"No, The Gameboy Advanced is Not Dead"


Great handheld, but fix your title.

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