Out of Eight Review: Elven Legacy

Out of Eight writes:

" Elven Legacy delivers pleasing turn-based strategic gameplay that's simple enough for novices to grasp, serving as an excellent introduction to the genre. However, it's more of an expansion pack than a true sequel, especially when you compare it to the dramatic changes found in other follow-ups: you get a slightly-new race (it's still elves), somewhat significant interface improvements, and Internet multiplayer. Is that worth $30? Clearly not, but I am assuming that most of you did not play Fantasy Wars; in that case, Elven Legacy is a great value if you take it as a whole.

The relatively simple gameplay still yields some noteworthy strategic goodness, from upgrading units to specific defensive placements. Units have a specific purpose, and using the appropriate abilities and upgrades effectively will mean the difference between success and untimely death. The campaign provides some fun while it lasts, and Internet games and the occasional skirmish against the mixed-bag AI will fill other gaming voids."

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Snoozer2823538d ago

Far too generous. 6 is a more realistic score.