Gamepex: Elven Legacy Review

Elven Legacy is no exception to Paradox's history of success. The company's latest foray into the fantasy-RPG-turn-based-strategy genre mimics the successful aspects of the Panzer General series in many ways. One might even say the hexagonal war-game is essentially Panzer General, set in a fantasy world. Elven Conscripts replace allied infantry, Elven Battle Stag Riders replace Allied Sherman Tanks, and ironically, fantastical, Zeppelin-esque, bomb-dropping blimps float above the battlefield instead of the B-29 Superfortress. As a sequel to the appropriately titled Fantasy Wars released by Paradox in 2007, Elven Legacy doesn't provide any groundbreaking innovations in the video game industry. However, the game does provide hours of addictive, turn-based, Orc slaughtering, gameplay following a disappointing intro and a tutorial riddled with bugs.

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