Empire: Total War is "Astonishing"

CVG reports: "PC Gamer UK has published an exciting, gushing review of The Creative Assembly's latest RTS, Empire: Total War. According to PCG the new instalment is "astonishing. A strategy masterwork." Well worth the 94% and rare 'Must Buy' badge they've dished out, then.

"This is the grandest, most spectacular work of strategy gaming on the PC," the mag gushes. "If you've not tackled a Total War game before, or assume that they're not for you, I challenge you to play Empire and not be impressed, or even fundamentally changed by the experience."

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wirapuru3550d ago

I was blown out since Shogun Total War, I love the series and I'm waiting for Empire since the first day they said about it (1-2 years ago I guess? And was so mean because they even shown a screenshot! Awn, mean... hah)

Anyway, late games I even participated on some mods, the community is great, I hope this one will be fantastic too. I've played the demo and naval battles were better than I was expecting, I can't wait!

Agent VX3550d ago

I can't for the life of me see how this game doesn't "EASILY" take Game of the Year in 2009. There isn't one release that I know that will touch this game this year.

For anyone that needs an excuse to go out and upgrade their PC, Empire: Total War will be it.

And if you have never played an Total War game before, pick up a copy of Empire, read the manual and be prepared to be blown away. GOTY baby!!!

heroicjanitor3550d ago

It would be slaughtered by this far superior rts. Sorry but it's the truth this game looks fantastic I'll have to get it since medieval:Total War was brilliant too.

Panthers3550d ago

Halo Wars is a lot different than this game. This is more like Civ and HW is more like C&C.

Empire can take a long time to finish even one game. No problem for me, but for others it might be.

wirapuru3550d ago

Totally agreed. TW games can't be confused as RTS games, because they are primarly turn-based. You can play the campaign all the way without engaging one single battle (as player I mean, you can 'auto-pilot' then see the automagic results) but you can't ignore all the political, economical and diplomatical roles, turn by turn, and as Panthers said, this will last a *lot* longer than a single RTS match.

We have the option to play historical standalone battles (like the demo, without playing any turn) from main menu, just like a match, and that certainly is more like RTS but, IMO, as empty too. Those who have played grand campaigns on Total War Games know what I'm talking about.. building armies and cities through hundreads of turns.. planning every diplomatic step, triggering big alliances clashes, religious revolutions.. every battle have its own role there, determining where you go next step to build and survive as a empire! (ok less... much less, I can wait for Friday ^^).

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Gish3550d ago

I love these games. But i tried playing the demo and my dinosaur of a computer chugged along slow as can be... :( Bad time to be needing to upgrade computer parts... I want this so bad though.

Hububla3550d ago

they were having troubles with the demo.. something to do with the compression so the loading times from the startup screen to the menu or when loading up the battles or tutorials was EXTREMELY LONG and should be fixed by the time the full game comes out

wirapuru3550d ago

Yeah I had them too. Although after loaded it played smoothly (with some shadows and AA glitches though -- ATi 4850 here). I really hope what you said to happen and it gets fixed until launch.

teto833550d ago

i love the total war series and now you can fight at sea!!! i have to say this going to be a master piece and soon to be added to my collection right after killzone

Snoozer2823550d ago

I've been rinsing Stainless Steel 6.1 in anticipation of this. Naval battles don't really appeal to me, neither does gunpoweder, but I'll probably still enjoy it hugely.

IrishAssa3550d ago

Yeah that's what I thought before the demo but now im convinced it'll be better

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