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Hyrule: Total War mod brings tactical warfare to the world of Zelda

3d ago - A PC mod for Medieval II: Total War, aptly titled Hyrule: Total War, combines the series' RTS and... | PC

Video games to play alongside Game of Thrones this season

176d ago - upplement your Games of Thrones addiction with these 10 games | Culture

SEGA Closing Yet Another Studio This Year

545d ago - Amid frequent studio closures by video game publishers, it seems that Sega Studios Australia — de... | Industry

Pixle Judge Retro Reviews: Medieval II

583d ago - The Total War franchise is about what its name suggests - mobilizing your nation for full on war.... | PC

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Hundreds of Obamas and Romneys Go To War In This Ridiculous-Looking Mod

693d ago - Kotaku - Polls? Numbers? Speeches? Boring. The real presidential election this year was won throu... | PC

3 more eras for Total War to explore

751d ago - What next after Total War: Rome II? Well, here are the three of the most common suggestions wrapp... | PC

Total War after Rome II: three potential eras the series could explore

753d ago - With ancient Rome, feudal Japan, Medieval Europe and nearly every other major arena of conflict a... | PC

5 Games I Always Come Back To

759d ago - "Some games are always there for us, and no matter how old they get, how outdated they become, we... | Culture

5 Best PC Mods of All Time

805d ago - Join me as I count down the five best PC mods of all time. | PC

The Total War franchise is worth your time

812d ago - For those of you that don’t know, the Total War franchise is a PC strategy game that combines tur... | PC

Top 5 Total War Games

816d ago - With Total War: Rome II recently announced, Travis Freese takes a look back at one of his favorit... | PC

Games You Need To Play: Medieval II: Total War

860d ago - Traci B. Medieval II: Total War is one of those games that sort of helped me... | PC

Europa Barbarorum 2 Interview with Team Lead JMCR | Leviathyn

890d ago -'s Dean Martin gets some 1-on-1 time with the JMCR, the team lead behind the convers... | PC

Out of Continues Ep 11: Declining Quality and Rising Towers

985d ago - Spleenball Pro and Sayed Stafa start off this episode by talking about the games we’ve been playi... | PC

Anyone For Some Zelda RTS?

1078d ago - GIR writes - The Zelda series are a favorite for the more nostalgic of us, but know you can play... | PC

What's Next For Total War

1124d ago - With seven fully-fledged titles as well as a host of expansions and add-ons, all encompassing alm... | PC

Doing more with less

1139d ago - It's a basic tenet of strategy and tactics to rely on things to work when you want them to. If yo... | PC

Total War Weekend Sale

1153d ago - This weekend you can save 50% on select Total War games at This weekend only... | PC

Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edition 50% Off on GamersGate

1626d ago - Gamersgate has slashed 50% off of Creative Assembly's strategy pack Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edi... | 12

Total War not coming to consoles unless it can "replicate the experience" on PC, says Creative Assembly

1689d ago - VG247: Creative Assembly's Mark O'Connell has told VG247 the Total War games won't be coming to c... | 1,2,12

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Steam Top 10 Weekly Sales Chart, Dec 6-12

1753d ago - Valve has released Steam's top ten sellers list for the week ending in December 12. | 12

Medieval II: Total War Now 75% Off

1758d ago - Want a cheaper version of Empire: Total War without powdered wigs? Steam's offering Medieval II:... | 12
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