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Celebrate America’s Independence Day with the few games actually set during the revolution

You won’t find many games featuring the colonial United States, but here are some you can enjoy this Fourth of July. (Assassin's Creed III, Children Of Liberty, Day of The Tentacle, Empire: Total War, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

ColManischewitz  +   112d ago
JeffGrubb  +   112d ago
Can I make the U.K. lose even harder in any of these?
darkronin229  +   112d ago
As much of a disappointment AC3 was, I did enjoy running around colonial America for a bit.
TheShrew  +   112d ago
I was so looking forward to AC3, then it got into the whole magic Native American thing...
uth11  +   112d ago
All these first person shooters, and not a single one set during the American Revolutionary War?

Muskets aren't any fun?
Immorals  +   112d ago
Well yeah, a minute each reload doesn't make very good gameplay!
EliteGameKnight  +   112d ago
would make a fantastic survival game I think
Geekman  +   111d ago
And if you live in the UK, you can also kill Patriots in AC3.
rawshack  +   111d ago
im playing ac3 now as we speak its interesting this father and son story

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